VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS (Against All Enemies Book 1) by H.L. Wegely ~ a review

Voice in the Wilderness


VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS brings to mind the concept of “Romancing the Thriller.” This is an action-packed romantic suspense story that doesn’t slow down for a moment.

The novel opens with tension. The main character, a freckle-faced, red haired beauty named K.C. Banning receives a text message from inside the White House that she’s being set up. She’s a techno-genius who works for the government. There’s one thing for certain, the author knows his technology.

President Abe Hannan has been causing manufactured crisis after crisis. He even has an elaborate plan to declare martial law and place himself at the head of a centralized government. This would make American no longer a free and democratic nation. His minions announce to the media that K.C.  has murdered the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a nation-wide manhunt for her begins. As K.C. sets off across the country to get as far away from the beltway as she can, the author’s skill shines in painting a clear picture of the beauty of rural America.

K.C.’s childhood, Christian political-blogger friend Brock Daniels sees her image on a television news program and knows exactly where she will go to hide. He’s been secretly in love with her since they were children and is determined to save her. He’s longed for her for years. With her fashion model beauty, coupled with the fact that her deceased senator father put him down in no uncertain terms, he’s always felt he wasn’t good enough for her.  As these two are hunted by a corrupted FBI, special ops teams, and swat teams, I wondered how they would ever escape. Brock draws upon his deep faith and this sustains him. K.C. struggles with God, but as things get darker she begins to rely upon Him. Her fledgling faith is presented in a natural way. The author shapes a story sending both characters into what looks like will be their doom, but somehow there is hope.  There is also a wonderful use of humor which lightened some of the more terrorizing moments. The novel ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger, which points to the next book in the series.

The Term “RINO” ~ Republican(s) I Now Oppose

White House

In a meme on Google+, RINO, has been used to describe Republicans Jeb Bush, Chris Christie,  Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and Lindsey Graham, who are thought to be in the GOP establishment or who have won seats in “purple” states. But the term is now also being applied to Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum.

Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, and Santorum have strong conservative records. And Rand Paul is a libertarian.

The meme I’m referring to was put out by the Trump campaign. Just for the record, I have not picked a candidate and I do support Trump and his efforts. He’s revitalized the GOP campaign trail, has given it some get-up-and-go. Wow, has he. He’s brought an audience to the Republican candidates and they’re a stellar bunch with great ideas and many accomplishments. I have always liked Scott Walker. I’ve added Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorino to my potential list.

The term RINO, to my mind, has always been an ugly term I’ve chosen not to use. Not only in this latest meme, but all over social media it’s bandied about to the point it has little meaning. As far as I can tell, RINO  now has a new meaning: Republican(s) I Now Oppose.

I like a good hard political fight. I think if you dish it out, you ought to be able to take it. That’s why I didn’t feel sorry for Fox News when Trump went after them.  Not quite, but it was David vs. Goliath. And like David of old, Trump won. I have long thought news outlets and pundits should be subject to the same treatment they give to others. It’s not the job of the news media to bring a candidate down. That’s the job of the voter. Both parties have a series of “polls” called primaries and it all ends in the final “poll,” the general election. Let the voters decide. During a debate, the panel shouldn’t have more “talk-time” than the candidates, as happened in the first debate. And the panel isn’t there to be clever. They’re there to ask honest, thought provoking questions that allow the candidate(s) to present his/her positions, not trick questions or trapping questions.

However, we are in an era of the politics of destruction, where it’s not enough to defeat the opponent, but to vilify him/her. I’ve heard rants online (in back and forth comments) where Jeb Bush’s first name was ridiculed. Goodness, how banal and childish. Barbara Bush liked the name, I’m sure. Leave the name alone. Everyone has seen examples such as this. Petty attacks. Ugly attacks. He’s not our guy, let’s destroy him. I do like a good, hard political fight. I don’t mind slugging it out, but let’s keep it intelligent at least.