Nail Polish Therapy

hand, nail polishGenerally the state of my nails is a good indication of my state of mind. And lately, my nails have been a wreck. I’ve been stressed and over stressed. Chipped polish: BIGTIME!!!.

Years ago my dear friend Judy and I used to sit with a cup of coffee and good music in the background, doing what we called Nail Polish Therapy. The various bottles all in different colors would be out before us and the nail file, nail polish remover, etc. Everything needed for a manicure. I remember a beautiful light lilac we both wore. We’d file and polish and talk about our lives, who we were, where we’d been, where we were going. We’d give comfort and support to each other. That was before my marriage and before both Judy and I moved?in different geographical directions.

Still, the principle holds. Today I got out my nail equipment. LOL I put on a Christian CD – Virtue’s Virtuosity, a CD I actually got it for my tweens, but it’s doing the trick. It’s up and positive. And I’m winding up with darned good looking hands to boot!!!

Now I need to create a fictional character who’s seriously into doing nail polish therapy. Or, I could create a small group of women who get together at each other’s houses to do nail polish therapy, while bolstering each other up. I’ll file that away for a future book.