You Can’t Go Back ~ victory is in your future!

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God is always moving forward, not back!

You can’t go back and change what they did to you!

  • They didn’t treat you the way you should’ve been treated.
  • They didn’t love you in your family of origin.
  • They betrayed you.
  • They didn’t give you the promotion you worked so hard for.
  • They lied and gossiped about you.

My father and mother walked out and left me,
    but God took me in. ~ Psalms 27:10, The Message Bible [MSG]

You can’t go back and change what you did to others!

  • You lived with bitterness, and it spilled over onto others.
  • You weren’t responsible, and it harmed others.
  • You weren’t a loyal person, and you ruined past relationships.
  • You were lazy, and others had to do more than their share of duties/work.

For I will demonstrate my mercy to them and will forgive their evil deeds, and never remember again their sins. ~ Hebrews 8:12 [The Passion Translation, TPT]

As believers, we don’t need a PhD in theology to notice in the Bible God used a lot of highly imperfect people. They made mistakes and treated people badly, and/or others had treated them badly. In fact, it might be easier for God to use flawed people because, they’re not so ‘holier than thou’, that they can’t be used at all. It seems God picks people with a bit of humility who have been through some life battles who He can equip for His purposes. So, no matter what kind of a mess we’ve made, He can still use us for good. In the process, He can also bring peace and joy to our lives.

So what is it that is torking us off and twisting us up inside? Did we come from an abusive background, then married and divorced an abusive spouse, and we’re just mad, mad, mad? We can be blood bought and know we’re going to heaven and still have this low-level, simmering anger on the back burner. Our spirit was saved when we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit came to dwell in our human spirits. But our souls (mind, will, and emotions) and flesh were not saved. Our souls and flesh have to be renewed and regenerated and this is a for the rest of our life journey.

There is a simple Biblical tool we can use to help us forget past hurts and to have more peace and joy in our lives. It’s the law of sewing and reaping. First of all, we’re to sew into good ground, not cast our seed toward someone or something we know is a poor prospect. For example if we were rejected by our parents as a child, then felt rejection since, and now feel lonely, we can sew friendliness. We don’t have to give money to someone, deep down, we know is a user. Remember…good ground. We don’t have to give money at all, or loan our car. Just friendliness.

Friendliness is of our inner self. Give a smile. Open and hold a door for someone. Say hello to people at church and remember their names, so you can use their name the next time. Introduce yourself to the pastor. Tell him/her what a good sermon it was. When their faces light up and they smile back, receive it and in that moment let it warm you. Let the experience go both ways. Ah, but you’ve always been reserved, an introvert. Receive it for what it is and feel good about it. It’s just a smile, a simple smile. It’s not a lifelong commitment. It’s not even an invitation to brunch, but it’s a start. Enjoy the moment, and resolve to move forward from there.

I have to keep telling myself these very things. I came from a reclusive family. We were definitely not movers and shakers in the local social scene. I had to learn how to make friends as an adult.  ~~  Don’t keep looking back at past hurts. Test the friendship water. Yes, test. Test! That’s using wisdom. Some people will not be up your alley. That doesn’t make them bad people. They’re just not your cup of tea. Smile and keep on going. Put your little toe into the shallow end of the people-pool. Keep engaging , keep smiling, laugh a little. It feels good.


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If you like to read murder mystery fiction having intense and difficult relationships between the characters, check out HARMFUL INTENT. Brooklyn (NYC) private investigator Veronica “Ronnie” Ingels has been betrayed. She rushes to visit a best friend in Abilene, Texas where deputy sheriff Dawson Hughes puts her at the top of his suspect list for a murder. ~ inspirational, clean reads.Harmful Intent 400 P





Wind Over Marshdale by Tracy Krauss ~ A Review

Wind Over Marshdale

This one is a class act. Author Tracy Krauss constructs a tale tackling gossip, prejudice, sexual misconduct, dysfunctional family issues, alcoholism, the logistics of post-modern dating, and murder. Quite often as the author weaves her tale, she glides into passages of elegant prose. The settings are spectacular.

WIND OVER MARSHDALE won in the Grace Awards 2012 Mystery/Romantic Suspense/Thriller category. The story opens in a somewhat eerie manner that is compelling and draws the reader in.

We meet Thomas Lone Wolf, a modern day Native American warrior-type, who comes to Marshdale with his two children planning to open a cultural center on what is considered sacred ground by the Cree nation, his people. As a committed Christian, he finds his belief in the Lord doesn’t easily coexist with the pagan beliefs of his ancestors, whose heritage he is striving to honor. It doesn’t help that he’s found the worst kind of prejudice within the walls of the church in town he and his children have chosen to attend. I have to admit, for more than half of the book, he was my favorite character. When he started having serious spirituality issues, my heart bled for him. He was that real to me.

Rachel Bosworth has taken a position as kindergarten teacher in the elementary school trying to escape betrayal and the emotional abuse of her toxic family. Having left a cheating boyfriend behind in the city, she’s not looking for emotional entanglements in backwater Marshdale. Her resolve seems to evaporate when meeting two strong men, Thomas Lone Wolf and rancher Con McKinley. She is not a believer and the two men are. I found it on point when she decides the best thing she can do is help Con get over his pre-marital sexual hang ups. This is how nonChristian singles think. And the somewhat ribald sexual banter the female teachers engage in over adult beverages at the local watering hole, expressing their desire to find the companionship of a good man, came across as authentic.

Con McKinley, a man strong in his faith whose family has deep roots in the community, falls hard for Rachel. Then he finds out she was seeing Thomas Lone Wolf at very time she began dating him. This however isn’t the most troubling issue as far as he is concerned. In his values-set, Rachel’s lack of faith is a far greater obstacle to an enduring relationship. When he backs away from her for that very reason, she becomes angry and resentful. The characters are real. They have real foibles, real pain. They don’t do what the reader will want them to do, or expect them to do.

This is quite a ride, an amazing romantic thriller with more twists and turns than are easily counted. There is suspense galore, though the murder, which is a sad state of affairs, isn’t the main thrust of this novel. Some might call it edgy Christian fiction. I think of it as an accurate portrayal in fiction of what’s really out there in America today.

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