Shakespeare’s ‘Cymbeline’ Turned Into A Cop Movie ~ Filmed in Brooklyn! Where Else?








School starts tomorrow, so darling daughter and I went to Applebee’s in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn to celebrate with a mother-daughter lunch. On the way home we stopped to take pictures at one of the locations where the new movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline is being filmed.







This modern day reimagining of Shakespeare’s story is set in a 21st century American city and will depict an epic battle between dirty cops and a drug dealing biker gang



Styled after the explosive FX series Sons of Anarchy, Cymbeline will venture into the age old themes of love, betrayal, and revenge.






Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Dakota Johnson (21 Jump Street) join a cast including Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, and Milla Jovovich.  The film is produced by Anthony Katagas (12 Years A Slave, The Immigrant, Killing Them Softly). The location for filming is where Knapp Street meets Voorhies Avenue. This is the border of the Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach communities which were both hit hard and have not fully recovered from Hurricane Sandy. So, this commercial activity is most welcome.


My Daughter Alyssa Attended NYC Showing of the Hollywood movie “King’s Faith”


Our family received an invitation to attend a New York City showing of the Hollywood made movie, KING’S FAITH. Due to busy schedules, only our teenage daughter Alyssa was able to go. [At the right she is with Lynn Whitfield, one of the stars of this Christian movie.]

This experience highlights our daughter’s personal experience and journey as a child adopted out of the foster care system through Your Gotta Believe, a very unique adoption agency. Alyssa has huge hopes and dreams that her father and I support. She has a lovely singing voice and thinks about a singing career. She also feels she could have a career in banquet management in the hotel industry.

Watching KING’S FAITH and meeting Miss Whitfield spurred her on with her hopes and dreams. Like the main character in the movie, Brendan King, a foster kid who grew up getting into trouble on the wrong side of the tracks, Alyssa was transplanted by her adoption into our white, middle class family along with her sisters Victoria and Delayne. Like Brendan’s story in the movie…all did not go so smoothly. There was a huge culture gap. We are still working things out, but Alyssa has made huge strides and she sees no reason why she can’t accomplish her goals. She told me today that she sees herself doing a lot of good things in this life.

Alyssa is home schooled by moi and she is now working on a school project on KING’S FAITH that will dove-tail for both her English and Social Science classes.

King's Faith

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