Brooks Rehab ~No Christian programming!

I wonder what century Brooks Rehab in Jacksonville is in? They seem not to understand the value of Christian TV programming in the rooms of Christian patients. Christian content soothes the patient after a day of sometimes painful therapy. It speeds in the healing process. For the deeply devout patient it touches a place nothing else can do. Yet Brooks has chosen a TV network void of Christian Programming.

Christian programming can also be useful in pain management. I’m surprised Brooks doesn’t seem to know this. It’s not as if this is new information. Christian content is certainly a valuable tool in the healing arsenal that Brooks has totally overlooked. What a shame.

For the Christ centered patient, Jesus is the source of all healing. I am in Brooks following neurosurgury and spinal surgery and had a desperate day today. Could have used some Christian programming to help me through. None was available. Also a comfortable chair in front of the TV would be a boon and settle the soul. There was no such chair in my room.

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