Demonic Activity in the Earth ~ not even trying to hide

A Hooded Demon


Entire cultures have fallen under the power of the devil

In this day of intellectualism many feel they are much too learned to believe in demonic activity in human affairs. But as we watch, via television and video, horror has been unfolding first in the streets of Europe, Australia, and now in the United States. Many of us can see actual demonic activity. We can see with our own eyes there is a supernatural level of evil running rampant in the earth that has gripped individuals, and they are acting it out. This evil is not hiding. It has become brazen.

Your hand-to-hand combat is not with human beings, but with the highest principalities and authorities operating in rebellion under the heavenly realms. For they are a powerful class of demon-gods and evil spirits that hold this dark world in bondage. ~ Ephesians 6:12, The Passion Translation [TPT]

In my humble opinion, and I sincerely mean humble, as only an insane person would not be humble when speaking of and dealing with demonic oppression. So in my humble opinion, I believe blood bought, Bible believers (and include me) should do a lot less wringing of hands when they watch cities burn during a news broadcast. We should boldly talk back to the demonic spirits behind what is going on. Point at the TV, laptop screen and cast those demons out (where you have Biblical authority) in the name of Jesus. We certainly have Biblical authority in our own state, city/town where we are legal citizens. We have Biblical legal authority to cast the devil out of our own country…in the name of Jesus. And vote in November…or whatever date your country’s elections are on.

Even before you do that. Cast demonic activity out of your home, especially if you are head-of-household. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to any darkness lurking in your own home, your own life and cast it out. Do NOT do this under a spirit of condemnation. Self-condemnation is mini-self-murder. You are not fighting yourself or anyone else. You are wrestling with the powers of darkness…and you can win.

First – Thanksgiving. Thank the Father for all the blessings in your life. The people who love you. Go ahead and include your pets, for they are surely blessings. Your friends, job, the list goes on and on. It’s much more difficult for demonic attacks to take place in a house full of thanksgiving, joy, and laughter. If your are going through hell, keep on going, and going praising God and giving thanks.

Second – Forgive anyone for whom you hold a grudge, resentment, or malice. That doesn’t mean you turn you back on a dangerous person and go skipping through the tulips. Email and phone your elected officials, especially your local ones. Forgive them their mistakes but keep after them to do right. Assail them while maintaining your dignity. As stated above, first forgive yourself. If you are a believer, God has forgiven and forgotten your messes. So, why do you remember, rehearse the mistakes over and over? Let your negative past go. And then do as Jesus commanded. Forgive others as you forgive yourself.

Third – Get rid of any toxic possessions, objects, trinkets…the red toaster up on a shelf someone gave you as a housewarming gift even though they knew you had a brand new one, and your kitchen is white. The lovely gift that every time you look at it reminds you the giver thinks little of you. All believers should get rid of any object that is an occult symbol, or that you know was a possession of someone involved in occult practices.

Four – Any time you feel down, downtrodden, self-deprecating, hostile toward another, helpless about what is happening to your country. Turn on worship music, a video/audio of your favorite preacher, a Christian movie…or something that will make you smile, laugh out loud, and/or dance right there in your house. Don’t worry. Remember, your kids think your crazy anyhow.



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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve gone through my house before to rid of anything that doesn’t belong, but it’s been a while. I need to do it again. This week’s activity. I think we too often forget the power living inside us, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Shaking off the fear.


    1. Judy, We do have to go through our house periodically because things get in. They just do. And we have to continually forgive and give thanks. Demonic activity is roaming around. It comes back to see if there’s an opening. Bless you and the Lord keep you safe.

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  2. Great advice, Nike. I agree with you. I put on the full spiritual armor daily and anoint my house against evil. I have Scriptures memorized to use against the enemy, which I quote as I pray against evil and lawlessness in our country. It’s our only offensive weapon. God gave us to fight the enemy, and we must be ready to use it.

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    1. Karen, A mistake some Christians make, especially newbies, is they rush off into spiritual battle against the enemy in a macro situation and they don’t have the demons that live in their own lives subdued. I think God protects baby Christians. For those of us who have been around the block a few times, it’s good to be reminded…get our own houses in order before we go out into the world to battle. Even pastors have made this mistake. Some have lost their ministries because of it.

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      1. Yes, you’re right. We must all learn how to use these powerful weapons, and our personal lives must be put in order first. Jesus taught me how to fight the enemy 27 years ago when I was under fierce attack. He alone is the reason I’m here today. In Him alone is victory over Satan.


      2. Healing has been a theme in my Christian walk. Healing from basically good parents who wanted to do good, did not know Christ, and had so many issues from their own backgrounds and early lives they were stumbling and bumbling as parents…even as they did show love, they also retreated into their own pain. The Lord showed me forgiveness of these fallible people who raised me. I PTL with all my heart I believe they found Jesus before they passed.

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    1. Pat, I thought it was timely too. I look at some of the TV footage and I can see/feel the demonic activity. The screaming at cops, right in their faces. I look at the contorted faces of the screamers and see they are not in control. So, who/what is in control of them? Thanks for b’day blessings. I’m 39 again and looking forward to being 39 still yet again next year. LOL

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