KNEE DEEP ~ in the 23rd Psalm

A path sunny

The Living-Word jumped out at me in a way I’d not seen before.

The 23rd Psalm has been my go-to for perhaps twenty-five years. That would be since I was saved. In that time, I’ve always thought ‘paths of righteousness’ would look something like this lovely photo. I thought those paths would have been put there by God for me to follow and they’d have sunlight and birds singing.

Today the words ‘paths of righteousness’ jumped out at me in a new way. They became living words, or rhama words. That is specific words from the Lord that sort of explode in a person’s consciousness and have special meaning. This is something that can happen to any believer, every believer. I think it most often happens during private devotions when reading and meditating in Holy Scripture, or some other devotional literature, or when deeply listening to worship music.

A path trees

Today I saw ‘paths of righteousness’ as paths other Christians have walked, perhaps even blazed…and I have followed in those paths where these righteous brothers and sisters have trodden. They may not always be bucolic paths where songbirds flit here and there filling the air with their song. Those paths could have hills, bumps, ruts, places where stalwart believers stumbled and got up again, places where the enemy lay in wait.

I got saved during a time of conflict in my husband’s family. Neither he nor I came from an idyllic Christian home where hymns were sung and where family members prayed together. This particular Sunday there was a huge and tumultuous family commotion, mostly in the kitchen. People had been running in and out of the house. Voices had been raised. I retreated to the living room to get away from it, started surfing channels, and found Gloria Copeland. She was smart, obviously extremely well versed in the Bible, and she didn’t have big hair. At the end of the program, I put my hands on the television and gave my life to the Lord. That was twenty-five years ago.

So, this morning, I’m thinking who blazed those paths for me? At that time, I didn’t know anything about Christian churches. I kept watching Christian TV and came under Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Kenneth and Gloria have had the greatest influence upon me in my walk with God. They are my parents in the faith. I soon bumped into a local woman who was under their ministry. Lillian and I began sharing cassette and video tapes (the dark-ages of audio and video). I’d go to her house and she’d come to mine, and we’d be so excited about the Lord.

Very soon, I learned that Oral Roberts was Kenneth’s father in the faith and I began listening to Oral Robert’s Ministry teachings. Of course the prime message at ORM is “God is a good.” And Oral always said, “Something good is going to happen to you today.” I took a course in the Holy Spirit from ORM and received a certificate. In those days, they sent you the lessons by snail mail. You returned your answers by mail, and they sent the corrected lesions back to you. Well, we’re talking 24-25 years ago. So, Oral Roberts became my grandfather in the faith.

I wish I could say there was a local minister/ministry, in that time, that blazed a path for me, but I can’t. I lived in an area where almost all of the charismatic churches had had church-splits and none of them had recovered from that. So, Christian television became my lifeline.  I met another woman who believed the Word as I did and Theresa and I also began sharing and praying together. She and I became volunteers in the Protestant Chaplain’s Office at the local Veteran’s Hospital and attended Sunday services there. We also attended a weekly Bible study and a weekly prayer group there.

Back to trail blazers. I soon found Joyce Meyer, who to me is the Mother of Independent Women of Faith. I particularly liked her practical preaching because she didn’t come from a wonderfully serene Christian home. She came from a nonChristian home with turmoil. I said, okay, I can relate to that.  I was then, and still am now, the only member of my immediate family and almost the only member of my large extended family who knows the Lord. My cousin and his wife on the other side of the county are believing Christians, and I am in contact with them electronically.

Today, I live in northeast coastal Florida where I attend Destiny Church. I’m waiting for the church to reopen from Covid 19. I so want to “do church” again.

Who are your spiritual fathers and mothers in the faith? Whose footsteps have you followed? Who has helped to shape your faith?


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8 thoughts on “KNEE DEEP ~ in the 23rd Psalm

  1. I love this fresh thought on the paths of righteousness, Niki. It’s a timely word for sure, and so true. Your particular path is inspirational. I hope it’s ok to offer the link some great Bible teachers, our pastors. there are archives of studies on Acts, Revelations, and Corinthians to name a few. Thanks again for sharing. God bless.


  2. Great post. And a good reminder to appreciate our journey. My father-in-law was not a believer. He scoffed at anyone who was a follower of Jesus. Called us weak. In his early 60’s he went to the VA hospital for a routine test. something went wrong and he was never the same. He had a stroke and lost some of his vision. He could no longer work, lost his business and tried hard to alienate himself from all of us who loved him. The only “friend” he had was his television. He started watching the only channel that was clear. It was a Christian channel. Soon, visitors from a nearby church made their way to his Florida home. He loved the company and now listened to them and started asking questions. I will never forget the day he called us long distance (which was a big thing for him to do) to tell us he had given his life to Christ. I thank God for the people who enter the lives of the lost through TV every day.


    1. Rebecca, I know God’s timing is perfect. I believe I wold’ve been saved anyway. I knew there was something more than this life. I wondered what humans were here for. But I wasn’t able to get to the Truth. So, I’m grateful Christian TV was there when I was exasperated and ready to listen and to hear. PTL I’m so glad your FIL was saved. So glad. PTL


  3. I love this, Nike. What a wonderful testimony. God has been speaking to me through Psalm 23 this week. I’ve received it 3 times. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. About ten years ago I wrote a paraphrase of the 23rd Psalm that I’ve put on many cards that I make. It was what the 23rd Psalm meant to me. I was amazed to learn that David wrote this psalm when he was running from his son, Absolom, who was trying to kill him.


    1. Pat, The entire Absolom story is horrific. I believe Absolom was very good looking. He may have begun to idolize himself. That is satanic. Satan idolized himself, and thought everyone else should. He forgot one detail. Satan is a created being. He’s in now way the Creator.


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