I Had A Minor Female Procedure Done ~ for women only

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Half of an abortion cocktail was proscribed.


I had to take the medication, as prescribed, every six hour on the day before the scheduled procedure. This medication causes the uterus to dilate.

Why I initially sought treatment was for Post Menopausal Bleeding. I’m 71-years-old and started spotting/light bleeding for five days then the bleeding would stop. It would start again a week later light bleed/spotting for six days. So I was bleeding lightly twice a month.

I sought treatment immediately after the first bleeding. A sonogram was ordered and on a later date, this procedure, a biopsy to see if the cause was cancer. Then it became scary, but I am a calm person by nature. I know my body and felt the bleeding was related to physical exertion. Still the word “cancer” is daunting and plaguing. The doctor told me the medication would cause some cramping. I knew all bases had to covered. I will find out the results of the sonogram and the biopsy in a few days. That is NOT what this article is about.

The day after the biopsy, I was ill. bleeding had increased. I figured the meds and dilation had caused that. However, I was nauseous to the point I could not get food down, had body aches, and was exhausted to the point that I thought not only could I not stand, I could not sit. That first day after the biopsy, I slept for 9 hours during the day and then my usual  8 at night, a deep sleep both times. This feeling of sickness lasted four days. Finally, today I got up with my usual energy and have started my morning — and I thought, Oh, Good Lord, that medication was very, very toxic.

Yesterday, I had an email exchange with a senior woman who had a hysterectomy for bleeding fibroids a few years ago. She’s the type who always puts family before herself and put off taking care of the bleeding. She wound up hemorrhaging. At that point, the doctors told her that her hemoglobin count was so low it was scary. Since the hysterectomy, she’s been fine. After all, by the time you get to Medicare, what does a woman need a uterus for?

My friend thought although I went through difficult side effects from the medication, and that the doctor should have alerted me to them, it’s something I had to go through because Post Menopausal Bleeding is no joke.

I should’ve read the paper that came from the pharmacy with the side effects, or looked them up online. I was fixated on the word “cancer” and I didn’t. So, I was completely taken by surprise.

I wonder what the experiences of other senior women with Post Menopausal Bleeding have been, and also women who have taken similar drugs for dilation purposes for other reasons. If you are a woman who took the meds for an abortion there will be absolutely no judgement here!!! I’m only interested in the actual physical/emotional experiences of women (and their caretakers) with Post Menopausal Bleeding and dilating drugs.

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    1. Thx Virginia, I feel I don’t have any (I should say “don’t have many”) cancer fears. The overwhelming percentage of Post Menopausal Bleeding is from bleeding fibroids. But that can’t be let go. I’ll know in a few days.


  1. Nike,
    1st – thank you for sharing.
    2nd, this topic might be a mild emotional “trigger” subject for me…so I ask this in all sincerity – do you recall the name of the prescrip you were given?


    1. Kenzelsfire, I so glad you left a comment and I can see how this can be an emotional trigger. I’m sorry you went through a triggering experience. That’s why I shared. I feel there are others out there who have taken similar drugs for a wide variety of reasons. I don’t want to give the name of the drug on my blog. You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nike.chillemi where you can message me. I’m also on Twitter at @NikeNChillemi. FB’s PM does allow for a more complete discussion. I pray you are well. Thinking of you.

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      1. Hello Nike,
        I deactivated Facebook in 2013. I’d started a Twitter account (in part) to promote the book (memoir) I wanted to write – of which I recently resumed work on. After I left fb, I discontinued Twitter.
        If you have interest in reading about what happened – The Lord had me write about it as part of my healing process. It’s a two part series titled, “Facing My Giants.”
        Praying for you as well, Sister. ❤


      2. Nike,
        The Healing Process is at least, in part, what “Facing My Giants” is about and that is a story you can look up on the blog. I was trying to find your email on your Amazon page or your blog – can you share it here?


    1. Kenzelsfire, I read both Part I and Part II extremely, deeply touching and so personal. I understand your pain. I was not given RU48. What I was given was only the first part of a two-part abortion cocktail. For me the word “abortion” is abhorrent. And the doctor didn’t tell me it was the first part of an abortion cocktail, just that it would make me dilate. That’s all this pill did, but it had strong side effects. In the 1940s and 1950s before abortion was legal, when a woman miscarried the doctor nearly always did a surgical abortion to make sure all the tissue was gone. If the tissue had stayed you would’ve had a raging infection and might have needed a hysterectomy. All of this makes me marvel at women who gave birth without anesthesia for centuries. Of course midwives had potions and teas and such from wild herbs that eased pain and expelled tissue. This who woman-thing is so deeply personal and so profound.


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