Vision Journal/Board vs Blessing Jar vs War Room ~ for 2020

Blessing Jar, Russel Stover

Several years ago (actually, January 2013), I started making a Blessing Jar in preparation for the new year. It wasn’t even a jar, but I’m sure God didn’t take offense. I had an old Christmasy tin I liked that had originally houses Russel Stover caramel candy. So, it became my Blessing Jar for several years. There are several ways to work with a blessing jar, but the way a writer friend told me she did it appealed to me. 1) Write a short, focused list of blessings I’m believing God for and put it into the jar along with Scriptures that support those blessings and place them inside. As I searched the web looking for ideas on making Blessing Jars, I found that many people wrote down their prayers for other people and put them into the jar. So, I did both of those. I wrote down a list of 5-8 things I was believing for with supporting Scripture. That took up three pages. I folded it and put it into the tin. On smaller pieces of paper I wrote down individual prayers for people. I’d read through these several times during the year and continue adding prayers for people.

Then in 2016 I got creative and made a Mason Jar/Blessing Jar that I hand painted. I did all the same things. Wrote out three pages of blessings that I was believing for and also on smaller pieces of paper prayers for others. I added prayers throughout the year. Only my list had become a formal Prayer of Petition, involving thanksgiving, and seeking to ask for whatever vision, desires, and inklings I prayerfully believed God had put into my heart. That year I signed my Prayer of Petition and took communion at home over it.

War Room

The Christian movie War Room came out in the Fall of 2015. My dear Christian writer friend Beth Glash (writing as Jenna Victoria, Beth Ellen on Facebook) and I went to see it. From time-to-time during 2016, we talked about having a “war room” or space in our own homes. By 2017 my Blessing Jar had become my “war room.” I kept my formal Prayer of Petition in the Blessing Jar but prayers for people went up on the side of my refrigerator where I could see them every day and continually pray for people. The photo above is the beginning in January 2017. By the end of the year the refrigerator’s side was covered in prayers. I also wrote out . My war room.

As early as 2014, I began learning about Vision Boards, the Christian kind as taught by Terry Savelle Foy and a few others. I knew about Terry because it was in her father Jerry Savelle’s ministry that I found the clearest teaching on The Prayer of Petition. I had kept a spiritual journal since the late 1990s and it was not difficult get separators and make the back of my journaling notebook into a Vision Journal. I like the vision journal because it allows me to see that God is indeed moving in my life. For example, in 2014, I taped a few words onto my journal page that I found in a magazine, “Blessed With A New Car.” I kept the old car in excellent running condition and in 2017 was blessed with a newer car, a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I blessed my oldest daughter by giving her my 2009 Dodge Journey. I believe God wants to bless us, but part of that is He wants to bless us so we can bless others. As you can see the pages (above) are worn, handled. I’ve looked at them many times and prayed for my vision, thanked God for my blessings, and marveled at how He works in my life.

So, which is the best? Blessing Jar? War Room or Space? Vision Board or Vision Journal? I heard it preached that Oral Roberts was once asked which is the best scriptural prayer to pray. He answered, “The one you need at the time.” That’s kind of how I view Blessing Jars, personal war rooms, and/or vision boards and vision journals. Do what work for you. Do, what you will stick with throughout the year and into future years. And let it spiritually evolve as the Lord leads.

I pray that all my subscribers and visitors to this blog will be mightily blessed by the Lord. May you have a healthy, happy, prosperous new year.

7 thoughts on “Vision Journal/Board vs Blessing Jar vs War Room ~ for 2020

    1. Pat, My journal has been many thing. It’s been for Bible study, journaling about my life and spiritual journey. I have a section on health where I’ve recorded my weight for about five years and made food choice notes. And lastly it became a “vision journal.” I keep pages going back to the 1990s in binders.


  1. After War Room, I created a Prayer “Door,” my closet door. All the room I had. It’s more than half covered and a lot of prayers have been answered and placed in a prayer journal of answered prayers. I had a gratitude jar, but it didn’t last long; I kept forgetting. 🙂


    1. Judy, Wasn’t War Room such a powerful movie. I went with my dear friend Beth who just passed away on Dec 5. I shared so much of my journey with her over these last eight years of friendship. I miss her. She is with Jesus now.

      I found that the prayers had to be visible to me…like on my refrigerator.

      For some reason, I keep up with my journal too.

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  2. vbhtenery

    I loved my war room in my old house, but when we moved, I no longer had an extra space. I’ve tried the journal but with me it’s out of sight, out of mind. God has met all my personal needs, nothing lavish mind you, but all the basics are covered. Therefore, all my pryers are for others. I would like to use the prayer journal again and place it on my computer desk. My pastor suggested a journal and to draw a line down the middle of the page. Place your petition on one side and the date answered on the other side. Sometimes it’s a long wait between petition and answer but it’s a great visual that God answers prayers.


    1. Virginia, Yes, sometimes it’s a long wait for the answered prayer. But, as the prayers are answered it’s nice to look back and see God working.

      Sometimes I’ll journal every day. Other times it’s more sporadic.


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