Guarding Candy Kane by V.B. Tenery ~ a review

Guarding Candy KaneChristmas novella, Mystery, RomSuspense

This is a wonderful Christmas mystery. I enjoyed reading the mystery driven part of it and the Christmas part of it. Loved the main characters. At points, the suspense was chilling, by the end it was uplifting and filled with Christmas cheer.

I loved the Colorado setting. In one scene we’re walking with the characters through the quaint village of Christmas Tyme, with all its cheerful seasonal decorations. Then in another scene, we’re in the snow-swept Colorado wilderness fearing for the characters’ lives.

The author is a skillful writer who takes the reader through a delightful Christmas mystery and adds that something additional that makes it a read that’s on more than one level. If I had one question to ask the author, it would be: “What’s next?”

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6 thoughts on “Guarding Candy Kane by V.B. Tenery ~ a review

  1. V.B. Tenery is a masterful story crafter. I have read most of her books and loved each one. Warning, once you read one of this author’s stories, you’ll be hooked into wanting more.

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  2. vbhtenery

    Thanks, Nike for featuring my novel on your great blog. Also your great review is much appreciated.



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