Fire and Thorn, a fantasy by Mary Vee ~ a review

Fire and Thorn

Fantasy, Middle Grade, Juvenile Literature

At the beginning of this novel, just like so many kids today, Gilbert is self-centered. He’s a bit arrogant too, as he’s a prince and heir to the throne. Then his father, the king, is killed by a dragon and his mother is captured and taken away. This forces Gilbert to quickly begin the maturing process. And I loved that about this book. He’s forced to make decisions beyond his ability as he begins the fight to save his kingdom from darkness. He tries, often makes mistakes and tries again.

Mystery and suspense are my jam, and there was no shortage of those.

The author sprinkles wry humor throughout. One bit that made me chuckle happens before Gilbert’s coronation when the heavy, royal robe is placed on his shoulders. Gilbert feels like a coat rack. When the Lord Chancellor asks him if he’s ready, Gilbert replies, “As much as possible, Lord Chancellor Matthias.”

I would recommend this novel for all middle grade, juvenile, and YA readers who have a sense of adventure and a questing spirit. If CHRONICLES OF NARNIA was their thing, this is a good read for them.

8 thoughts on “Fire and Thorn, a fantasy by Mary Vee ~ a review

  1. Here’s some behind the scenes bonus just for you, Nike’s readers.

    This story was originally written for my third-grade class long ago. Inspired by incredible Hawaiian scenery, the final battle sprang to life before Gilbert’s journey began. However, the book sat on my shelf for years until students in Texas, who read it with their teacher, requested I finish it before they graduated this year. This gave me a deadline for my quest.

    Thank you Nike for bringing me into your readers’ realm. I hope you all enjoy this story.


  2. M. Cara

    I read through Fire and Thorn long ago when it was under another title in the author’s vision. I have watched this story evolve into a delightful yet educational series of events for the characters and readers alike. Please allow yourself to join this journey, bring others with you.

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