Reno On My New Condo ~ life surging forward!

I moved to Jacksonville from Brooklyn (NYC) over two years ago and have been looking (on and off) for a new home…and soon realized I was in need of a condo. I am through with yard work and hiring handymen to do outdoor upkeep on the house. Through, I say! Through! I finally found the perfect spot for me in the Old Mandarin neighborhood.

Hebrews 3:4 [New American Standard Bible] ~ For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.



I decided on this condo in large part because of the beautiful tiled floors and fireplace. Of course the existing ceiling fan had to be swapped out for a new one, same thing with the small chandelier in the dining room area of the open living space.



Ray, a friend of Christian author Dalyn Woods, is doing my reno. Here he’s working on the electric outlet in my daughter Victoria’s room.





Another shot of Victoria’s room.







The master bedroom after the first coat of paint. The bar stools for the counter off the kitchen were given a dark stain. We got them through Offer Up at $5 each.

When I take a breath after painting a door, or trim (Victoria has slathered white over the walls), I realized I’m a further step away from Brooklyn and my late-husband,, both physically and metaphorically. After two years, the bad days come much, much less frequently. Life does go on. The move is fun and exciting, but I can’t wait for the work to be done so we can settle in.


16 thoughts on “Reno On My New Condo ~ life surging forward!

    1. Barbara, It was quite a hunt. I looked at one other place but discovered the condo was suing the contractor. Leaks in roof and windows. No good. Started search again and found this place. Have to be careful.


  1. Carole Brown

    Enjoyed seeing your pics and look forward to seeing the finished product! Congrats on finding just the right place.


  2. I can understand your decision, particularly regarding yard work. For myself, I like getting out and doing some work on our property in Texas. But then, I go to Mexico and don’t do any. So, you could say I’m just a halftime yard man.

    Congratulations on the new place. From what I can see on this site, it looks great.



    1. James, I used to enjoy indoor and outdoor house maintenance, but no more.

      Mexico sounds like a good place to relax. I honeymooned in Acupulco, but that was many years ago.


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