What Christian Authors Can Write ~ and what they can’t?

TSO Cover 2About a year ago, I made a comment in a general market thrillers group about Christian thrillers. I wasn’t expecting the ferociously angry response I got from a female, noir thriller writer who didn’t think Christians had anything to say in the thriller genre. Period!

It wasn’t long after that, I made a comment in a Christian authors group that I was considering writing a New Adult novella because I didn’t think Christian writers were reaching enough upperclassmen high school students and college students. I got a very polite response from a Christian author I didn’t know well. She told me Christians should not be writing New Adult because it was a sexual genre. I politely replied that when Christians write New Adult, it won’t be wantonly sexy though it may handle sexual topics the New Adult age group is dealing with.

Well, my New Adult novella THAT SPECIAL ONE just released in Kindle format. Writing it was a journey. As part of that process I visited a number of high school and college kids’ blogs and tweeted with them. Quite an eye opener.

THAT SPECIAL ONE in a nut shell…

College freshman Ivy Chalmers moved in with her aunt and uncle in Arroyo, Texas. She needed to get away from her alcoholic and weed smoking mother.  Ivy longed for a different life than the revolving-door-men in her mom’s life. Making a one-eighty, she vowed not to make a serious dating commitment unless she knew it would be that really ‘special relationship ‘.

Corey Jones had been the man in his house since age twelve, when his alcoholic dad abandoned him and his mom. Once in a while, his dad showed up trying to extort money from them using threats. Then his blue-haired, self-centered cousin Ava came to live with them and the way she treats his mom enrages him.

Ivy is thrilled when she meets an upper classman from a neighboring college and thinks he might be ‘that guy.’ When she is horribly betrayed, her world is thrown upside-down, and she plunges into a depression.  In a steady and kind of clumsy way, Corey is there for her during her worst moments. But his family is plagued with alcoholism, the life she had with her mom, the life she ran away from. What’s wrong with her that she attracts the wrong guys? A s if that weren’t bad enough, there’s an arsonist terrorizing their tiny village.

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11 thoughts on “What Christian Authors Can Write ~ and what they can’t?

  1. Barbara

    Never tell an Indie author they “can’t” write something. That’s the whole point of being Indie. No publisher telling you what kind of novel you are allowed to pursue. There are Christians who love to read thrillers and Christians who just happen to be young adults who struggle with hard issues like everybody else. Sounds like a market to me. Are we supposed to sit in the corner and write about perfect people that don’t exist? Like an Amish community without sin (or) vampires? 🙂

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    1. Barbara, I started out writing this novel because it seemed to come naturally. Thinking back, I’m sure that was the leading of the Lord. Then I realized, I didn’t know much about the New Adult readership (ages 16 – 24ish). High school kids tend to read up age-wise, I found out. So, I started checking out some upperclassmen high school and college kid blogs and got an eyeful. I have to tell you, I was dismayed at the pain out there in this age group. The dating scene is rough…if you even want to call it dating in many cases. These kids need Jesus and need him badly and now.


    1. Pat, Hope you enjoy the novella. I enjoyed writing it. As I mentioned in my reply to Barbara, I got an eyeopener going to a few upperclassmen high school blogs and college blogs. What they think of as dating shocked me. Some of it’s real bad, but even the stuff that’s not awful isn’t geared toward any type of grounded or meaningful relationship. It’s as if they’ve thrown out any and every type of adult guidance in this area. I don’t see this reflected in Christian YA. That’s why I’m writing NA. When the kids are away at college, it’s a horse of a different color.


    1. Sana, I didn’t start out writing New Adult for any reasons of “issues”. I just wanted to write about characters who were in college. But as I got into my research, I found out that the percentage of Chrisstian kids who regularly attended church with their families in high school but who then fall away from the faith when they go away to college is very high. This is an age group that should be addressed in Christian fiction.


      1. It is a great thing to do. There is a need for it. Teenagers can be more interested in fiction books than non fictions books. I believe some Christian writers are called to write non fiction books and other Christian writers are excellent in writing fiction books. It is great if they can reconnect or find God through fiction books. Keep on the great work you are doing for His glory!!!


  2. Kim Kouski

    That’s why I wrote a YA christian fantasy. So many Christians think other Christians shouldn’t write this or that just as these same people said we shouldn’t go to Hollywood and now look what happened. Good job, Nike!!


    1. I heard a TV broadcast in which the host said at least one or more of the original 13 TV channels was offered to the church (don’t know which demonination/s) and it was turned down. They thought TV was of the devil. And the devil was more than happy to take over the air waves


  3. Christians have a lot to say! Don’t let people push you out because of your beliefs.
    I’m thrilled to be a Christian author and glad to hear you are stepping out like this to speak into this genre.


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