Called To Prayer ~ being a good student, I turned it into study.

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The Lord has been nudging me for quite a while to pray. It started about three years ago with making a Blessing Jar every January into which I would deposit written prayers during the entire year. The call has become more intense and I’ve been going to my church’s intercessory prayer group.

I felt I was supposed to get a notebook and study the different forms of prayer, which I did. I became very industrious in this endeavor. I looked in the Bible for the first record of prayer…the ‘man calling out to God’ type of prayer.

I found that in Genesis 4:26 [NASB] ~ To Seth, to him also a son was born and he called his name Enosh. Then men began to call upon the name of the Lord.

Background: Seth is a later son of Adam and Eve, thought to be their third son. In Genesis 4:25 [NASB], Eve said, “God has appointed me another offspring in place of Abel, for Cain killed him.” That led me to wonder if Seth, himself, might have been an answer to Eve’s deepest heart’s desire.

So, the earliest record of a human prayer that could fall under worship, supplication, intercessory prayer, petition is in Genesis 4:26 when men began calling out the name of the Lord.

Seeing this led me to want to review in the earlier chapters of Genesis how they called the name of God. Adam talks to God, while Eve talks about God. All this effort in study was not a bad thing, not at all. Still, the Holy Spirit arrested me and I felt Him asking me, “What do you call God?”

I put my Bible down and began to meditate that.

4 thoughts on “Called To Prayer ~ being a good student, I turned it into study.

    1. The group in my church is just getting started. I’ve felt the Lord nudging me to pray much more than I’ve been praying. As I said in the post He got me making Blessing Jars at the new year three years ago. When I prayed for someone I’d try to write it down on a small slip of paper and stick it in the Blessing Jar. Then from time to time I’d read them. Now he’s calling me to the intercessory prayer group at my church.


    1. Debby, doing a Blessing Jar every Jan instead of making resolutions has been such a blessing to me. I put in a letter with my vision for the year and include Scripture. Then I put in slips of paper with prayers I’ve prayed for other people during the year. Then in Dec I look at all of it.


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