CPAC Disinvited Milo Yiannopoulos~ over empathic pedophilia comments


I first heard of this story on a local Christian radio show, and they got it all wrong. It was a call-in show and the host framed questions to callers in terms of Milo’s homosexuality. At that time I thought CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) had made an unconscionable decision. CPAC is not a Christian organization, but a conservative political one. Milo is gay, a conservative, and an editor at Breitbart News. Surely CPAC knew that when they invited him to be their key-note speaker.

However, that was not the issue at all. What happened is a video surfaced in which Milo seemed to support pedophilia with 13 year-olds. The reporting of this story is an issue in and of itself. It seems many media outlets do not do enough research on the stories they report and/or discuss and they get it skewed.This was the case with the local Christian call-in show.

In the video that surfaced, Milo treated the entire subject lightly and seemed not to know that 13 year-olds are children. Another disturbing aspect of this story is Milo seems to think the notion of consent is “arbitrary and oppressive.” He further quipped that a Roman Catholic priest had helped him develop some of his own sexual techniques. All of this is appalling.

I hated that Milo Yiannopoulos has been shut down at quite a few college campuses and not allowed to speak because he is gay, conservative, and a nationalist. I had supported, on social media, Milo’s First Amendment right to speak in those cases. That radical left students rioted and burned parts of Berkley’s campus was abhorrent.

That said, I applaud CPAC for rescinding their invitation to Milo Yiannopoulos. I feel a burden with regard to pedophilia. I know six individuals who were victims of pedophiles. These injured parties were hurt deeply and had trouble pulling their lives together. One of them spent his life fighting severe depression, two had battles with drug abuse. The others also had problems directly related to childhood sexual abuse and spent years in therapy. In these types of cases, child sexual abuse doesn’t only affect the victim but also horribly injures other members of the childhood family of origin. It impacts the future wife and future children of the child sex abuse victim.

In my opinion, pedophilia is much akin to murder. It kills the victims’ souls and psyches, as well as injuring their bodies in many instances. I believe the penalty for convicted pedophiles should be second only to murder.



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  1. Ken

    You take the media to task for not doing enough research on stories, and yet look at the major points you just got wrong:

    First, pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children. Thirteen year olds are too old to hold an exclusive pedophile’s interest.

    Second, Thirteen year olds are by any reasonable standard adults. Excepting modern, western Europe (everywhere outside the Hajnal Line) 13 years old has been marriageable age throughout history. When the apostle Paul said that it is better to marry than to burn, he was speaking to a society in which girls were typically married by age 12 or 13. (For that matter, considering the cultural expectations and the prophecy that the Messiah would be born to a maiden, we know Mary was probably 12 or 13 when she gave birth to Jesus.) If 13 year olds having sex was one tenth as harmful as English-speakers claim today, WHY DID NO ONE NOTICE THROUGHOUT THE FIRST 5000 YEARS OF RECORDED HISTORY?!

    Third, extrapolating from FBI statistics and what we know about the prevalence of pedophilia, it appears that pedophiles are actually LESS LIKELY to sexually abuse children than non-pedophiles, so blaming pedophiles for what non-pedophiles have done is a jerk move.

    Fourth, from the best available research [Rind et al (1998)] we know that young people who assent to sexual relations with legal adults do not differ in psychological outcomes from those who do not engage in sexual relations with legal adults at all – UNLESS that relationship is discovered by authorities. It would seem that it is the aftermath of that discovery – the public shame, the family disapproval, the therapists who convince the child that they have been harmed – that is the actual cause of the harm. There is a well known mechanism that would explain this: the nocebo effect. The nocebo effect can be so strong that it can kill a healthy person – though the prudes in our anti-sexual culture prefer to maim a person for life.

    On the strength of your ignorance you promote serious crimes against innocent people. Perhaps you should think this through a little more.


    1. CPAC is an American conservative organization that exists in western culture. In America many individuals now live to age 80+, no sweat. Americans, typically, don’t marry until after age 18. Many are postponing marriage and family until their thirties. In our American culture 13-year olds are indeed children, in actuality and legally.

      Pedophilia is an attraction to children. Period. Pedophilia, or when an adult has sexual relations of any sort with a child is harmful, in and of itself. It is a violation of the trust children should be able have in adults to be mentors, and protective of them. An adult should be able to retrain him/herself and not gratify self when in the company of children.


  2. Also, child victims of sexual abuse have been groomed for several years before the actual first event. I am a survivor of long term sexual abuse and by the time I was 16, you would have thought I could have walked away but because the abuser was a parent and I had been groomed since pre-puberty, it took many years 30+, to get through this as an adult. Good news is, the heart and mind and psyche can be healed with a lot of work and determination and a relationship with Jesus. Just my thoughts from the point of view of a survivor.


    1. Destiny Coaching, I know what you are talking about. Two of the six victims of childhood sexual abuse who I personally know were “groomed” by the two pedophiles who brought booze, drugs, and take-out to their mother and grandmother (both addicted). The preferred age was about seven to nine years old. When the oldest sister “aged out” she was groomed to take the next sister by the hand and bring her into the bedroom. This seven year old was a physically little bitty thing. The older sister has been plagued with shame and guilt for bringing her little sister to the two men who abused them both. The older sister now has an intense battle with weight. She eats to calm herself…and she works. She’s an Uber driver and keeps driving and driving and driving.


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