Blessing Jar 2017 ~ as I start a year with new beginnings


In many ways 2016 was a year of losses and doors closed, but also with a promise of new beginnings.

So, I prepare my 2107 Blessing Jar, as I do every year. This involves writing out my Prayer of Thanksgiving as well as my Prayer of Petition with its list of my heart felt desires and whatever vision God has given me for the new year. This is far from a new year’s resolutions list. Prayer, thanksgiving, and Scripture reading was an integral part of this process. At the top left hand corner you can see the blessing jar I’ve used for the last two years. My prayer and petitions are in the center. To the right are notes of thanksgiving for prayers that were answered in 2016. I’m sure there were others, but these are the big three.

The written document is two and a half pages long. I signed it and took communion over it. Then I folded it and along with the little notes put them all into the blessing jar.

As soon as I took communion, I received my word for 2017: cherish.


img_2261Thus, my Blessing Jar becomes my “war room,” as shown and explained in the amazing movie by that name. As I live in a teeny-tiny house, I don’t have a room that could be my war room. So, I’ve made one side of my refrigerator into that and I’m going to keep the Blessing Jar above it on the top of the refrigerator. This is where I pray for other people and note the Scripture I’m standing on. As prayers are answered, I will take them off the side of the refrigerator and place them into my Blessing Jar. In this way the jar becomes a repository for the record of my answered prayers.

4 thoughts on “Blessing Jar 2017 ~ as I start a year with new beginnings

    1. Judy, Any space can be our “war room”. We do what we gotta do. Just as long as we do it. I think it’s really valuable to write the prayers down for the people and site the Scripture. Really powerful.

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    1. Pat, I’ve had two blessing jars. One was an old Christmas toffee candy can with those British soldiers on it that guard Buckingham Castle. I sort of felt like they were my angels guarding my prayers for other people and keeping watch over my blessings. Then I started doing research on blessing jars and saw what fun it was to make one. So, last year I made a simple blessing jar by painting flowers in glass paint on an ordinary pickle jar. I printed out a colorful lable: Blessing Jar. I’m using it again this year.

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