@ JacksonvilleTrump Inaugural Ball ~ had a blast


Last night there was no shortage of good food, happy people having a wonderful time, a great band for dancing and fun. Grand Banquet Hall, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Fl.

One of the most wonderful things about this inauguration, from the Trump Welcome Concert to the Washington, D.C. balls (which we watched on a large screen with sound on mute, as our own band was playing)…to the upcoming National Prayer service on Saturday is the feeling this is the people’s inauguration. Watching the D.C. inaugural festivities, though certainly elegant and replete with pomp, also often had a hometown feel. I loved the absence of so-called “A-List” celebrities.


2 thoughts on “@ JacksonvilleTrump Inaugural Ball ~ had a blast

  1. Kathryn Sower

    Great way to celebrate President Trump’s inauguration. I was very glad to see the focus on the balls were the people.


    1. Kathryn, Those two boys at the second ball who played trumpets were fantastic. They warmed my heart. We don’t need some trashy “A List” celeb in danger of having a costume malfunction. The bands at the Welcome concert were relatively unknown but excellent talent. Loved the guys who played on and with the baby grand piano. They also played at one of the balls. The trio who sang at one of the balls had excellent voices, superb.


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