I’m a First Time Voter in Florida ~ what a rush



I couldn’t wait to vote this time, and it’s only a state primary but I just moved here from New York City. So it was kind of thrilling to be voting in the sunshine state.

I turned on my GPS and found my polling place with absolutely no problem.




It was gratifying to see quite a number of cars in the polling location parking lot. After I slid my ballot through the electronic vote counting machine, they gave me a red, white, and blue sticker that said, “I Vote”.


I decided NOT to vote for Marco Rubio for two reasons, though I’m sure he’s going to win the primary and I WILL vote for him in November.

  1. He tends not to show up much on the floor to do his job.
  2. He hasn’t given only anemic support to Donald J. Trump.

I voted for Carlos Beruff because he is challenging Rubio on his pathetic work ethic and because Beruff exemplifies the Republican populist movement desiring to clean up Washington, D.C. When Rubio wins, I want him to know there was substantial grass-roots displeasure with him. I hope he gets the message, but I doubt he will.

I’m not at all AltRight, the name Hillary is trying to hang on Trump supporters. I’m much more ConPop (conservative populist).

4 thoughts on “I’m a First Time Voter in Florida ~ what a rush

  1. MarlaHughes

    Marco Rubio not only shows up to do his job but has one of the highest results record in the Senate. Carlos Beruff tried to buy his way into the job and thank God he didn’t succeed.
    Rubio has been on top of the green algae situation here in Florida, Zika funding, Iran deal, taxes on Olympic medals (Floridians won quite a few), sits on and has input to foreign policy and intelligence committees in the Senate and is likely to be in leadership when he beats the pants off of Patrick Murphy. The myth of him being a do nothing Senator is just that, a myth.

    NONE of the candidates would have had a chance to beat any Democrat with Trump hanging around their necks except Rubio. He’s walking a tight rope of not alienating Trump’s non racist supporters while also trying to not alienate other voters who would slit their own throat rather than have Trump in the White House.


    1. I’m new to Fla, but would’ve voted for Beruff anyway, just to remind Rubio there is a Trump camp in Fla. I’m voting Rubio in Nov and always planned to.


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