Getting Settled in a New Home ~ can be a trial

My new abode.Neighbors tell me we have St. Augustine grass that burns up like crazy in the sun.



I’ve been in my new rental home in the coastal area of northeast Florida since May. What a time to move. We’re in a heatwave. Still, I love Florida.When driving over a bridge or causeway, there’s nothing like a Florida sky.


My baker’s rack with new shelves in place.


There were s few bumps in the road. Some of them big ones. The moving company that brought my furniture down from Brooklyn did not deliver on time. When they finally arrived they’d broken two glass shelves belonging to my baker’s rack and had lost the power chord to my TV. I had to get a local glazier to make two new shelves and purchase a new TV, then file a claim for damages with the moving company.


It’s Ebony’s fault. It’s obvious she won’t let me put any books onto shelves.

There were other obstacles of a more gentle nature. I’ve gotten nearly everything in place, except I haven’t hung my knick-knack shelves, pictures, and I haven’t placed my many, many books on my bookshelves. That’s mainly because I haven’t decided where these items will go. I have two large bookshelves and two small ones. Should the paperback mysteries go on the oak bookshelf, or the pine one? What’s a girls to do? Find a scapegoat…er, I mean a suspect. That’s the ticket. I’m a detective story writer. I need a suspect in Ye Olde Bookshelf Caper.






This is my office/guest room where I slave away on the last novel in the Veronica “Ronnie” Ingels/Dawson Hughes series. Here you can see one of my bookshelves is temporarily housing brick-brack and such until I decide where to hang the knick-knack shelves.










Finally, my new recliner arrived and it’s sooo comfy. I have a string of colorful flip-flop lights strung around the bakers rack to give that “Florida feeling”. This is my new home-sweet-home.Finally, my new recliner arrived and it’s sooo comfy. I have a string of colorful flip-flop lights strung around the bakers rack to give that “Florida feeling”. This is my new home-sweet-home.

Beauty (cat), Sophie (dog), Gizelle (cat) who is camera shy.

18 thoughts on “Getting Settled in a New Home ~ can be a trial

  1. Love it, Lady. What a cute house. Glad you like Florida. I couldn’t take the humidity! (But it is a beautiful state.) Florida is blessed to have you. πŸ™‚


  2. What a sweet little house! I love it & happy that you’re pretty much settled in. I’ve only moved once in my adult life (you know, the time that I was in charge of packing, loading, unloading & unpacking. Not to worry though, I had a 2 year old & a 4 year old to help πŸ˜‰ ) Right now I’m “pretending” that we’re moving, weeding through all the stuff & deciding what I really want to keep & what I can live without, which is PLENTY. All that stuff is going to Habitat for Humanity. I be you can’t wait for the first blizzard in NYC, you can watch it kicked back in your recliner in your bare feet, windows & doors open & send a toast to one of the cold places from which people flee! Happy Home Sweet Home!!


    1. Traci, The house in some ways is like a doll house. It’s perfect. The packing, loading, and unloading are a trial. My sciatica started acting up again. Not too bad, but I’ll be going to a chiropractor soon.

      Last year’s blizzards in NYC were endless and harsh. I’ll be sipping some iced tea this winter when those in the Big Apple are digging out.


  3. Carole Brown

    Sounds like you’ve got everything under control! (Except for Ebony, is it?) Sweet place. I’ll be envying you come January! Lol


  4. I love the new house! Glad to see the cats and Sophie have adapted to Florida life as well. I thought you’d say the books aren’t on the shelves because the cats are taking up all the space!


    1. Tammy, That Ebony. It’s all her fault. Now I sound like Hillary, “It’s all Colin Powell’s fault.” Ooops, now I’m in political mode. But in my case, really, really it is all Ebony’s fault. Ooops my nose is growing. The animals like it a lot here. The cats sit at the windows and watch the many, many birds and butterflies. Sophie (city dog) had to get used to all the country sounds. We have birds that shriek in the morning and she was afraid for the first week or two. Now she trots along on her walks.


  5. Welcome to the Wonderful South!! My kids are wanting me to move to Florida where they live, but right now, just thinking about packing up and moving is more than I can do. lol


    1. Packing up is a huge chore. You have to also research your moving company. Maybe use Thumbtack, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, etc. First come down to visit your kids for an extended amount of time, more than a week or two. See if you like it. I love Florida. Just love it.


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