BAT CRAZY by Carole Brown ~ a new release

Bat Crazy

A new release that’s a play on words…what fun.

Nike: I absolutely love the title BAT CRAZY. How did you come up with it? It seems as if it’s a pun. Is that intended?

Carole: Lol. Yes, it is, Nikki! When I first (way back!) began with this series–although I didn’t know it would be a series at the time–I wrote Hog Insane as a short story about a couple. The woman was an adventurous type and dreamed of riding a Harley Hog; the man was kind of a stick-in-the-mud type with no adventure bones holding his self together.

Anyhow, that’s the beginning. From there, I decided to play on the word “insane” with each book’s title having an “insane” word in it.

  • Hog Insane, the hog being a Harley bike.
  • Bat Crazy, bat being bats, particularly an Australian bat that is huge!
  • The third book will be titled Daffy’s Duck: this one is kind of two-fold. Daffy being used to go w/the “insane” word and also being the name (Daffodil/Daffy) of a main character in the book.
  • Mad Dog, Horse Senseless, Touched Kitty, etc. until I run out of words.

Nike: Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Carole: Denton Davies is kind of a laid back character in some ways, yet he’s not afraid to push himself/his investigation/questions out there if he thinks it’s needed. He’s a word fanatic, loves fishing, his dog, Taffy, and his wife Alex. He’s like most amateur detectives in that he can sense and figure out things quite well. He tries to hide deep feelings, and worries a bit too much for Alex’s more outward personality.

Nike: After you’ve got word count and/or marketing done for the day, tended to your job and/or family, how do you find “you time” to relax?

Carole: Love being with my family and any time I can sneak in time with my grandsons is time I count as a blessing. My husband and I always try to spend a little time together in the evenings, we love going to a few select places, traveling, and camping, soaking in the hot tub at home, gardening, photography, reading or just casual talking without any stressful subjects filtering in. I also putter with my scrapbooks, write in journals–both as the mood hits me. I’m contemplating making a quilt from my mother’s clothes, but since I’ve never, ever in my life made one, I’m hesitating. ~~ Probably for good reason. LoL


What’s this novel all about…

Monster Bats with red eyes that attack humans?

Denton doesn’t think so and Alex hopes not, but who are they to quibble with the local gossip?
Transmission problems and a blown tire land Denton and Alex Davies right in the middle of a dilapidated, unfriendly town that’s welcoming no strangers, least of all nosy ones with a bent toward solving mysteries.

But with support from the town detective–an admirer of the Davies–and their own tenacious personalities, Denton and Alex aren’t easily scared off. Not when warnings in the form of painted bats show up on the porch of their rented cabin, not when the mayor threatens to run them out of town and not even when Denton finds the bones . . .

An ancient story, a bit of a map, a lost jewel and even a bat clan serve to provide the Davies and their sidekick, Taffy, the dog, their hardest case so far.


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Carole Brown

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