Sanctuary Point, post WWII Mystery Series ~ say goodbye

Burning Hearts


It’s with a lot of excitement, anticipation, and some sadness I say goodbye to my first publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing. They gave me my first opportunity in this industry and for that I’ll always be grateful to Editor in Chief Gail Delaney.



Goodbye Noel



The one thing that is certain in publishing is that things are forever changing. The allotted amount of time has passed on the Sanctuary Point series and the rights will revert back to me as of September 1, 2015. At that time I will be required to take these covers down from my blog, from the tag on my email address, and to stop promoting them.




Of course the exciting news is that I will have the opportunity to re-release them under my publishing company, Crime Fictionista Press. And I will. I’m planning to relocate to sunny Florida and as soon as I get there I will begin the process of creating new covers for the novels in this series.



Darkest Hour



These are beautiful covers, designed by the very talented Jenifer Ranieri, and I will miss them, but I’m also looking forward to the process of creating new covers for the re-release of these novels. Stay tuned.



Burning Hearts Meme




7 thoughts on “Sanctuary Point, post WWII Mystery Series ~ say goodbye

  1. I am hoping that this means I can eventually get a print version boxed set! I do really like these covers, though. they have just the right amount of retro feel for the era they are set in. I am facing this same situation come this November with my first novel. I am looking forward to making some changes but I am sad that the cover (and subsequent recognition based on that) will be gone.

    I have a questions for you. When you self publish these titles, will you be able to transfer your reviews on amazon etc? This is something that I am unsure about and is of some concern…


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