Killing Kennedy

Just finished reading Bill O’Reilly’s KILLING KENNEDY. What an amazing book.  Especially in laying out the Kennedy presidency and that time in American history that was Camelot . Wow! I got totally swept up in the class and grace of that era, though much of that was only a public face (the white washing of what went on in back rooms and behind closed doors). Still, the book made me yearn for a bit more panache in public life today. Despite the “cleansing,’ it’s clear they believed in public dignity and JFK believed in heroic deeds.

I wished O’Reilley had gone more into the findings of the Warren Commission and how they arrived at their conclusions and more importantly, why he agrees that Oswald was the lone shooter. Would have liked more depth there. Still a terrific book.

I’m fascinated by the Camelot era in American history. My initial reason for purchasing the book was as research for the next novel in my detective/espionage series. I’m a research hound This third book in my Veronica “Ronnie” Ingels/Dawson Hughes series will have throwbacks to the Kennedy assassination.  A shadowy figure in this real life political drama will be impact to the outcome of my novel.

4 thoughts on “KILLING KENNEDY ~ a review

  1. Going back to a time where they liked to have a bit of class in public (though not so much in private) was a treat. They also believed in personal courage in public office, which we don’t have much of now. But the end made me shudder.


  2. I vividly remember that day.I was in seventh grade English class when we were interrupted by the PA system. (Public address system for those under thirty.) At that point the newsman said the president had been shot. The teacher and the class sat transfixed. No one spoke. When the bell rang, I moved to math class and then we were told the president had died.We were dismissed early because everyone was crying. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, it was definitely a sad day in our history.


    1. Saundra, I remember that day as well. I was also in high school and heard of it on the PA system. We were stunned. Some started crying. Later we heard he was dead, just like at your school and everyone lost it.


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