I’m So Tired of Angry, Bullying Cowards!!!

BullyAngry, bullying people get a kick out of being terrorizers who intimidate others into doing their bidding. I refuse to see them that way, refuse to give in to their pressure. I think of them as stud-muffins (super cool in their own minds but with a soft, cowardly core). Jerks, is another term that comes to mind. They’re infantile, and this game of theirs is so played out.


They splatter their anger all over others
Anger isn’t the same as becoming or feeling angry. We all experience anger, much of it justified. Life is hard, we get knocked around and we become angry. Mature adults learn to control it, to get over it, and not let it rule them. What is disturbing is the trend in our post-modern world is to live angry, to have anger as the premier emotion. We see this on the internet, individuals blasting away at others, literally trying to destroy reputations and lives.


The Bible, a book of great wisdom and inspiration, that uplifts and enhances my life, says: BE ANGRY, AND yet DO NOT SIN; do not let the sun go down on your anger. [NASB, Ephesians 4:26] Here we see that anger is not a sin. Well, what is sin? The word sin literally means missing the mark. The emotion of anger is natural, but rehashing it, nursing and feeding it until it becomes a monster is definitely missing the mark. (Note: the italicized yet was not in the original Scripture text. It was added by editors.)


Why do anger-mongers do what they do? The payoff to over-the-top anger is intimidation. In their own minds, bullies feel like big shots…powerful. Many times, those wielding intense anger like a sword find they tend to get what they want. So, they ratchet up their anger to even higher decibels to get more of what they want. In the face of this type of outrageous anger, others may quake in fear and give in to them.


This is a societal problem and it’s becoming one of great magnitude. So, what can individuals due? First of all, we can refuse to sink to their level. We must raise the bar, not lower it. We must not allow their anger to goad us into debasing ourselves. If possible, ignore the bully when he/she is in intimidation mode. They feed on attention, deny it to them. Do nothing to reinforce the image they have of themselves as powerful and commanding. When forced to deal with their tirades, do so in a calm and rational manner.


How about, don’t give the anger-monger status within your group? Don’t give him/her standing. When an innocent member of your group (work team, neighborhood, etc.) is verbally attacked by a bully, stand up and give the injured party moral and verbal support. It takes a little backbone to set things right. Should the bully engage in physical confrontation, call the police.

6 thoughts on “I’m So Tired of Angry, Bullying Cowards!!!

  1. Not sure where this is coming from, but if anyone is giving you trouble, I’ll beat ’em up. Without anger, of course. 😉 Hugs, dear lady.


    1. Nancy, I have the usual angst living in NYC. There seem to be a lot of angry people here crowded together. I’m looking forward to my move to Florida in the next few months. I think what made me write the article was a friend who works in private homes with autistic young children was called in to sub for a male worker who had to rush to his sister’s house because her teenage daughter had beaten her up. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. It seems the Lord has pointed out a few very unfair situations of late where out of control people are holding the sane people emotionally and sometimes physically hostage.

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  2. Well said…I teach high school and it is so hard to watch students bully each other. I have watched some go unpunished this year and it has driven me nuts and their victim is in counseling. I begged for punishment from the administration and nothing was done. You are right…enough is enough…but we need to all have the courage to take a stand and stop it.


    1. Pam, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here in NYC the principals are so worried about crime stats they won’t call the police to the school. I know a middle-aged substitute teacher who was purposely shoved by a large 5th grade boy and she was slightly injured. She wanted to call the police because her injury needed medical care and she wanted a report filed. The (ambitious for advancement within the Bd of Ed) female principal talked her out of it. She went along with it as she was afraid she would not be called for work any more. The school has really good quality of life stats. That’s because nothing is ever reported. I’m sick of it.


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