Gotham, Awash In Snow Again ~ hopefully for the last time this year


On the first day of Spring NYC had yet another snow storm, albeit, this one a minor one, only three to four inches. But it came down steadily and it stuck. So, the Department of Sanitation had to get its trucks out sanding and salting once again. This after a series of horrendous snow storms this winder.

By morning the city had the roads cleared. They are real good at that, real good. With all the traffic on Avenue U (a busy thoroughfare), thankfully by morning the pavement was clear.







8 thoughts on “Gotham, Awash In Snow Again ~ hopefully for the last time this year

  1. elainemcooper

    Ah, Gotham. It looks like Des Moines last winter (“The Winter That Never Ended”). Hang in there, Batgirl. Spring will be there soon. šŸ™‚


  2. saragoff

    Since I’m where there is NO snow, it all looks beautiful to me! I have to say, however, the early spring flowers in London are beautiful, too! šŸ™‚


  3. WordPress wouldn’t let me post a comment, even though I was careful to log into WordPress ahead of time. Beating head on wall.

    Nice photos you posted. I’m glad that you all are good at handling the white stuff. By mid-March, snow has lost a good bit of its charm.


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