Murderously Cold in Upstate NY ~ Sophie and Moi Survive!!!


My faithful BFF, Sophie (the 11 pound fluff-ball) and I spent three days in the wilds of Dutchess County (NY) braving frigid temperature. We did survive!!!

We went to visit the farm where my brother’s wife boards her horse Misty…and we had a great time.




My brother’s wife Laura with her horse Misty and little Sophie.







On another part of the farm, my brother Michael cuts firewood for his wood stove. I can attest, that stove gets mighty toasty.







All the while, I filed everything away in my ‘writer’s research files’ for a time when I could draw on this experience to enhance a story.

6 thoughts on “Murderously Cold in Upstate NY ~ Sophie and Moi Survive!!!

  1. dltolley

    My favourite kind of vacation! Family, frost, dogs and a wood stove. Please tell me there was hot chocolate, too . . .


    1. Georgia, I’m back in NYC and it’s freezing here. I’m getting texts from my sister-in-law who is upstate. They’re freezing too, but they have a toasty wood stove.


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