Excellence of Strawberries ~ killing belly fat is murder

Titania waiting to get a few slurps of milk at the bottom of the bowl when I finish breakfast

I’m still getting beautiful, organic strawberries for my Cheerios. I go outside and pick a handful every two to three days for my “heart smart” cereal.

I purchased a couple of strawberry plants at Home Depot several years ago and planted them in a large container which lives on my deck. They come up every year giving me fruit. I douse them with organic fertilizer a few times during the growing season, water a lot,Β  and that’s it.

This year I’ve gotten a bounty in not only strawberries, but also tomatoes and sweet peppers. I think it’s because we’ve had a lot of rain…and I do keep up with watering every evening.

Real strawberries the way God made them are much smaller than the ones in the supermarket, or even at the farmer’s market. But they’re delish and healthy, have no pesticides, and have very few calories and carbs. A few health blogs have dubbed strawberries “the world’s healthiest food.” Research indicates strawberries help to burn stored fat. Yippee! They’re said to ease inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Another claim is they boost short term memory. Really? Oh, I almost forgot that one.

7 thoughts on “Excellence of Strawberries ~ killing belly fat is murder

  1. Actually, you can get real strawberries that are very large. But they come from June-bearing plants and, as the name implies, are available only in June. The ones you have, Nike, are called “everbearing” (or, to be really technical, “diurnal”) and bear fruit all summer long. They are smaller but pack a major punch in the flavor department πŸ™‚ Good for you, eating healthy. Though, I hope you don’t put the tomatoes or peppers in your morning cereal. LOL!! (also, I agree with P.T. Bradley & will add that real strawberries don’t taste like cardboard!!)


    1. Tammy, I am enjoying my strawberries. They taste great. I love to saute my peppers in different dishes I make for dinner. A few of them have found their way into my lunch salads. I’m seeing strawberries in salads this year. That seems to be the rage. I haven’t tried that yet.


  2. kellysshining

    Now that you mentioned they help belly fat, I am more of a devotee to the strawberry. I haven’t done a lot of strawberry salads this year but last year I was all about green leaf lettuce strawberry salads with some raw pecans and a wee bit of feta. It is amazing! I think I may have to pick up some plants next year! Maybe you can share a picture of your deck garden?


    1. Kelly, I’ve lost over 25 lbs. I feel good. I’m not fanatical and do eat bad stuff, but I’m cutting that down. It’s funny because my heroine, Veronica “Ronnie” Ingles (gal PI) is also changing her diet. She’s not doing it to lose belly fat. She’s lean and tough. She went under cover in HARMFUL INTENT as a student in an organic cooking class and discovered the food tasted great. In the sequel(DEADLY DESIGNS), which I’m writing now, we find out she’s taken a few more organic cooking classes on her own and has become a bit proficient in the kitchen and her entire way of eating has changed.

      I have a few more strawberries coming up. Your green leaf, strawberry and pecan salad sounds marvelous. I’ll bet a freshly made olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette would be nice on it.


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