Will The New Glasses Hide the Crow’s Feet?

Courtesy of Free Images by difletcher
Courtesy of Free Images by difletcher



My eye doctor just gave me shattering news. No, it’s not glaucoma or cataracts. I’m not going blind, heaven forbid!

Up until now, I’ve had perfect vision for driving and everyday walking around. I’ve only needed reading glasses these past few years. That has changed. I now need glasses to to see far off distances, which means I need glasses to drive.

So, what is the trendy murder mystery writer to do? “Get glasses Alice!” That’s what. I’m conjuring the 1980s TV commercial where this yuppy-type young woman kept running into things and her friends sweetly yelled at her, “Get glasses Alice!”



The thing is, I’ve become attached to my reading glasses. I’ve developed a “crime fictionista” persona with my reading glasses perched on my nose.







I’ve mugged and had lots of fun with these glasses. They’ve sorta become a part of me. But all things come to pass.




eye glasses


I’ve got my prescription and I’m going to have to go get the proper glasses for an older me. Hey, but I’m only 39 (and holding). ~ Ooops, my nose is growing too now. Oh, dear. Well, that’s a whole other issue. LOL




10 thoughts on “Will The New Glasses Hide the Crow’s Feet?

  1. I am “fearful” this will happen soon to me. I do not have the money to spend on it. Maybe by 5 years when my license is needing renewal I will. I cannot read small print anymore or read without major light source for slightly larger than small.


    1. Blue, I used “reading” glasses for years that I got in the supermarket or drugstore. Some independent bookstores also carry them. Come to think of it Barnes & Nobles sells reading glasses. They are relatively inexpensive and help a lot. Difficulty reading small print usually doesn’t affect seeing distances and shouldn’t affect your driving.


  2. donnabrennan

    Nike, my son has a different prescription for each eye and he wears contacts. They come in separate boxes (of about 24), one box for each prescription. The eye doctor labels the boxes either R or L to help my son remember which ones go into which eye. Otherwise he might wind up walking in circles or into walls.


    1. Donna, I’ve done that…walked in circles and into walls without the help of mixing up contacts. I’m not sure about contacts. I’ll think on it.


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