They’re Shooting It Up In Brooklyn ~ this in a city with stringent gun control

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Everyone’s talking about it. I heard it on the news and on talk radio this morning. The number of shootings has risen dramatically in New York City over the last month. This in a city with one of the most, if not the most stringent gun control laws…and a former mayor, billionaire Michael Blumberg, who uses his money and influence in other cities all over the country trying to get them to ban hand guns.

The rise in shootings has been most dramatic in Brooklyn. The way they tabulate is they have a “rolling 28-day tally” which is updated weekly. The last two 28-day incident and victim tallies increased by 30 and 40 percent, respectively.

NYPD Shield Law enforcement experts explain the recent increase in shooting by citing the warmer weather and a marked increase in gang activity, especially in Brooklyn. Monday night, a 13-year old boy bystander was with his aunt and younger cousin in Flatbush-Ditmas Park when they were caught in the middle of a gang shooting. The boy was shot in the head and sustained an eye injury. The three ran into a pizzeria for cover, with blood oozing down the boy’s face. The shooter was later seen on video tape and the police are investigating.

The 73rd Precinct, covering part of East New York (Brooklyn), accounts for one-third of all shootings and incidents in the city, with 24 shootings this year, compared to 14 at this point in the summer last year. This according to police sources.

It has been reported that the NYPD is looking to put together an over-arching conspiracy case against some of the gangs that run territory in shooting-hot-spots. One police source commented to news media outlets that police stop-and-frisk encounters are down, but the number of guns confiscated increased. However, he did not have stats on the number of guns actually confiscated.

There has to be a good look at the abandonment of stop-and-frisk. Cold, hard statistics must be provided. Questions must be answered. Why is it in a city where law abiding citizens can’t obtain a license for a hand gun, it seems any fifteen year-old gang member can get his hands on a semi-automatic weapon?

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  1. It’s a lousy situation. The Stop & Frisk Program was pro-active and highly effective. People in communities had demanded the Stop & Frisk when it was initiated due to high incidences of violent crimes. For the sake of a handful of potheads that want to run around stoned and sell pot, young people and those having criminal intentions effectively brought an end to a serious crime fighting operation. The results will be increased deaths. Increased crimes of burglaries, assaults, narcotics sales and possessions, robberies, prostitution, murder, manslaughter, kidnap, only to name the worst, which already are in a state of flux rather than ebbing or being dormant. It will also sever the bond between citizen and police, effectively, as a return of siege mentality as a matter of personal survival returns to the police. In other words, all the hard work that cops like me did during the Crack Wars of the 1980s and 1990s, just went down the crapper, for some imbecile progressive ideal, which revolves around their dreams of pot smoking.


    1. The community is now yelling about the increase in drive by shootings. Certainly, I can’t know, but I’ll bet the people who are making a fuss now about these deaths (and these deaths are important and something has to be done)…but the people who are crying out and who are angry over this, I’ll bet are the same ones who were instrumental in getting rid of stop and frisk. Stop and frisk is a legitimate police tactic in any police department.

      I went to a police Amnesty meeting a last year and wrote an article about it on this blog. A community organizer was upset because so many “minor crimes” were focused upon. There were a large number of men there asking for amnesty who were stopped for an open bottle. To me that’s not a small thing. An open bottle shows disregard for community standards. Alcohol abuse leads to domestic violence and abuse. I thought anyone with an open bottle should’ve been given a citation. One man came to the Amnesty meeting drunk to get his drunk and disorderly ticket dismissed. He was asked to leave by a police officer when he got loud. He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested. I recall an adult man complained because he got a ticket for riding his bicycle in the sidewalk. That’s against the law unless the rider is a child. The community organizer railed against Stop and Frisk.


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