Feet Don’t Fail Me Now ~ on the viral dry skin remedy

IMG_1079I’m reading Lisa Lickel’s marketing article on Elaine Stock’s blog…good stuff. All the while my feet are in a tub of that Listerine/vinegar mixture that’s gone viral for sloughing off dry skin.

I’m sure anyone with a dry skin issue on their feet is aware of the claims of the Listerine/vinegar treatment.

You mix 1/4 C Listerine (most prefer the blue, cool-mint), 1/4 C white vinegar, and 1/2 C warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and they claim the dry skin will slough right off in your hand.

I have such dry skin due to a thyroid condition (that is being treated), you’d think I had golumphing golumpha’s disorder on my feet. I bought the cool-mint, blue Listerine (on sale) a month ago. Then I read a dermatologist’s article sort of pooh-poohing this home-remedy, so I put off trying it.

Today when my feet took the plunge, I doubled the recipe. That’s just me. I wanted my feet sloshing around in a little bit more liquid. The cool liquid feels great! Refreshing. I guess that’s why everyone says go with the blue Listerine. As to the results…the dry skin doesn’t just slough off. However, this is the best remedy I’ve tried yet…and I’ve tried both prescription and non-prescription ointments and salves, some with fruit acids. This took off more dead skin, by far, than any of those. This is just my results. I’m not a medical doctor, not a podiatrist, nor a dermatologist, and I’m not prescribing. I’m a writer and I’m recording.

IMG_1080As I said, the dry skin doesn’t simply slough off. I used the two instruments of torture to the left to gently remove dead skin.

My best estimate is, I’m going to be doing thins once a month to keep things in tootsie-ville down to a dull roar.

9 thoughts on “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now ~ on the viral dry skin remedy

  1. Have you ever tried the olive oil and sugar rub? Don’t know if it will get dead skin off, but it leaves your hands and feet feeling really good. Mix a enough olive oil with sugar to make a pasted and rub on dry skin.


  2. Nike, when I first read your Tweet in my e in-box I mentally scratched my head. Wow. What a friend you are! Not only did you give a lovely plug for my guest, Lisa Lickel, but you may have resolved my foot problem from standing on a hard concrete floor at work for 9 hours. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for this hope!


    1. When I was typing the article I was giggling. I’d just been reading Lisa’s article and enjoying it while soaking my feet. There I was wondering if this Listerine/vinegar thing is all hype. But I was willing to give it a whirl. It did work very well for me, but it’s not magic. I can see that I’ll have to keep up with this and I’ll also have to use a good moisturizing lotion. I usually hydrate with a lotion and then put on a pair of white socks. My blog is a crime fic blog. Oh, well, whether this would work or not was a mystery to me. But it did pretty well.


      1. That is good to hear. maybe you will come across even a better remedy. I am still searching a way to cut my body pain with natural means. I have tried a lot of stuff, but have not found anything that works super well.


      2. This is very good. Better than anything I’ve been prescribed. When you read the social media claims, you think it’s a miracle. It’s not. But with consistent use (say once every two weeks) my dry skin on the skin is virtually gone. Of course it comes back. That’s not the fault of the remedy but of my thyroid condition.


      3. Amen. I saw you were friends with one of my friends on FB the other day. I had to take a double look since out of the corner of my eye I had caught you picture;I thought I was seeing things. It’s a small world.


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