Armed Forces Day ~ Recognizing Our Armed Forces

Defense Dept SealI’ve long been in awe of our Armed Forces, the finest military force that has ever existed on the planet. And so Armed Forces Day is a perfect day to show appreciation.

It’s imperative that our young men and women serving abroad far away from their families, often in dangerous circumstances, feel our appreciation. It is my hope that this blog in some small way will help boost the morale of any member of the US military who happens to read it. I also hope to hold out the hand of friendship and support to the families of military personnel.

US Air Force, Thunderbirds


On May 17th, Armed Forces Day 2014, across the fruited plain there will be military air shows to enjoy as well as parades and other civic activities. It’s a great day to make it a family time. Take the kids and have some fun, but at the same time teach them to respect our men and women in the US military.


This is a time I have to speak in outrage about the unconscionable treatment our veterans are getting in Veterans Hospitals. The worst case is in the Arizona VA Hospital system where veterans have been reported to have been deliberately placed on secret waiting lists, resulting in veterans dying. It’s my opinion that care in VA hospitals across the country must be improved. Our veterans were assured they would have medical care when they got out of the military. This is not something that out of the kindness of our hearts we give to veterans. No! It’s a contract this nation signed with its military personnel. It’s part of the the benefits they are guaranteed when they sign up.

We tend to think our veterans have been treated better in days gone by and that it’s only in this present day that it’s gotten so bad. There have been delays in giving veterans back pay in days gone by, and the treatment of Vietnam veterans was horrid, a national disgrace. It’s time as a nation to get it together and improve our track record with regard to our military veterans.

Burning Hearts, Amazon SmI’m a supporter of the US military. My very first novel, BURNING HEARTS, was an arson/murder mystery with its male main character a World War II hero veteran. During the war, Lieutenant Lorne Kincaid appeared to be a motor cycle courier, but in actuality he was sent on dangerous undercover assignments in France for General George S. Patton. After the war, Lorne decides to settle down in a small village where he helps the story’s heroine, Erica Brogna, try to rescue a woman trapped in a burning house. When the wealthiest family in the village realize their dilettante son might be the major suspect, they leave no stone unturned  attempting to frame Lorne.

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4 thoughts on “Armed Forces Day ~ Recognizing Our Armed Forces

  1. Synova

    So right… it’s not *benefits* at least not the way we think of the term… it’s part of the contract, part of the *pay*… it’s not something a veteran gets for free or because the nation is being generous to them. It’s not *free*… it’s been paid for in advance through service.

    I’ve not dealt with the VA, but as a vet myself I’d like to suggest that the problem really is more a lack of options and a lack of choice than malice or neglect… you can’t just go somewhere else if service is slow and you might have driven past four hospitals between your home and the VA… but your’e getting “free” care, so that’s where you go. Many people report terrific care, and I refuse to believe that anyone is actually callous… but it is what it is. Active duty medical care is the same… it can be the best care on Earth, or pretty bad and nothing you can do. At one base my husband got yet more muscle relaxants and was refused follow up or even imaging for his back… at the next base he was scheduled with the neurosurgeon before he’d even in-processed.

    I had the best care at military hospitals but I don’t want any sort of “national” health care for these reasons. It’s like the little girl, who had the little curl right in the middle of her forehead. When it’s good, it’s very very good, and when it’s bad it’s *horrid*.


    1. Julie, That is exactly why I don’t want national health care. I don’t want a system like the VA hosp system. But I do want to fix the VA hosp system.


  2. Nice post, Nike.

    I still remember when my brother returned from Nam. The things people said to him. Things I can’t repeat here. He was even spit on. And my father, well, he fought in WWII. If either one of them were still alive to see what’s happening in the world today, it would blow their minds–or break their hearts. Every time I see a veteran, I thank him/her for serving our country. It’s the least I can do.


    1. Deb, I remember Nam well. I was in college and very stupid then. I remember going to a Pete Seeger “get together” at the school and he played songs and talked against the War in Viet Nam. I thought he was great. Well, my dad and brother were very liberal, and my brother was an associate of Seeger’s. And I have to say, Pete Seeger did a lot to clean up the Hudson River and his wife single highhandedly sewed amazing costumes for the local ballet school which put on a nearly professional performance of the Nutcracker Suite. So, I know of the personal Seeger family and they were nice people.

      Your brother returned from Nam and was mocked and my brother was an associate of those who were getting press for castigating American soldiers and the war in Nam. I’ve had to repent for how stupid I was then.

      But I learned something that many Christians and most middle class Americans don’t realize. The left is relentless. They live, breathe, and sleep strategies to transform America to a socialist nation. That is something I learned from the experience. I’d never met people so dedicated to political organizing.


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