HARMFUL INTENT ~ I’m Now Officially an Indie Author

Harmful IntentIt’s been quite a ride. Exhilarating as well as frustrating. Who would ever have thought I’d turn into such a fuss-budget and a ninny. I worried over every little thing, at least three times. Drove a few friends stark raving mad with incessant “newbie”questions. Then I finally did it. I clicked on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program’s button that sent my manuscript and cover to be published. And voila!

HARMFUL INTENT is a departure for me and a risk. Up until now I’ve been writing classic historical murder mysteries set in the 1940s. So, writing a contemporary whodunit is new ground for me. This one doesn’t skimp on suspense but is hilarious in parts. I’ve really upped the laugh factor. Heroine Veronica “Ronnie” Ingels has a quirky and often sardonic sense of humor. Things strike her funny bone at the oddest times. She also had a difficult childhood and self-depreciating and/or sarcastic humor has become a coping mechanism for her. As in my historical series, there’s no shortage of quirky secondary characters.

This is the first of the Veronica “Ronnie” Ingles/Dawson Hughes novels. Ronnie is the brash female Brooklyn private eye and Dawson is the gentlemanly Texas lawman. This is also the first novel in my “couples series.” Stories featuring three other couples as sleuths are in the works.

hand gunHere’s the story of HARMFUL INTENT in a nut shell…

Betrayal runs in private investigator Veronica “Ronnie” Ingels’ family. So, why is she surprised when her husband of one year cheats on her? The real shock is his murder, with the local lawman pegging her as the prime suspect.

Ronnie Ingels is a Brooklyn bred private investigator who travels to west Texas, where her cheating husband is murdered. As she hunts the killer to clear her name, she becomes the hunted.

Deputy Sergeant Dawson Hughes, a former Army Ranger, is a man folks want on their side. Only he’s not so sure at first, he’s on the meddling New York PI’s side. As the evidence points away from her, he realizes the more she butts in, the more danger she attracts to herself.

Sweet, askance romance, warm intimacy, sophisticated themes presented tastefully.



hand gunWho’d a thunk it? Nike Chillemi’s New York gusto in Texas. HARMFUL INTENT is a mystery/suspense delight, mixing Nike’s New York flavor, the quirkiness of the South, a mystery to die for, and laugh aloud humor. I couldn’t put it down. ~ Fay Lamb, author of STALKING WILLOW and BETTER THAN REVENGE.


Nike Chillemi delivers another gritty ‘who dun it’ in her signature no nonsense style, with just the right amount of humor to lighten it up on occasion while keeping it real. ~ Tracy Krauss, award winning and bestselling author of numerous novels including WIND OVER MARSHDALE


Echoing the best pulp fiction of generations past, Chillemi’s new contemporary series will please readers of romantic suspense. HARMFUL INTENT introduces a modern day big-city female PI armed to the teeth and ready to draw when faced with danger in Texas. The best of both worlds happens when east coast meets southern charm in the hunt for cold-blooded killers. ~ Lisa Lickel, author of The Buried Treasure series

hand gunMoves seamlessly from grins and chuckles to taut suspense.

Fast paced suspense, funny, sometimes sassy.

Action and romance shades of “Bones” and “NCIS”.


Purchase HARMFUL INTENT at Amazon/Kindle: http://amzn.to/SsPthK


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    1. SC, Thx so much for letting me know, but it might not have been auto correct. It could’ve been me. I’m da schpellink quean ov Brooklin.

      I checked the body of the article over and over, but didn’t check the title over and over.

      Thx again.


  1. Welcome to the world of indie publishing!

    As for worrying “over every little thing, at least three times” that’s life as a successful indie author. Worrying is just part of the package.

    The good news: the satisfaction of being the one in control of the whole process easily outweighs any possible disadvantage! Plus, there’s a growing network of indie authors willing to support, encourage, and promote one another. Count me among them to help you on your journey!


    1. As this was the first time doing it, I couldn’t be sure I was doing each step correctly. As it turns out, Amazon makes it pretty easy. But I didn’t know that until I completed it.

      I’m sure I’ll still worry over every little thing three times next time as well…just not a over-the-top frantically as this time.


  2. Yes, the great thing about being an indie is you get to make the choices. Also, the bad thing is you get to make the choices. lol
    Sometimes it not easy. Looks like you made the right ones!


    1. I’m grateful to my former publisher, but I’m glad I went indie.

      Harmful Intent was a fun book to write…and I think it will be fun to read…and a bit chilling.


  3. I thought I left a comment earlier, but I think the Internet ate it. lol. I am so excited for you. Just bought Harmful Intent. And I loved your blog Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers.


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