The Glamorous Digs of an NYPD Precinct Detective

We all see the pristine, spacious offices and shiny cubicles of police detectives on television. So, I was somewhat shocked to see my where the detectives were quartered at my local police precinct.







I’m sure I must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere.







Actually, this seems to be it.








Yes, indeed, this is it. Right up there it says, “DETECTIVES.”

Actually, I’m impressed with the way they’ve handled shabby-chic to perfection.







What impeccable interior decorating skills. I can only conclude that these aging file cabinets are here solely for their “vintage effect.”







Taking a closer look, I see this is the door through which detectives go for “roll call.” Oh, my, this doesn’t look anything like the duty rooms I’ve seen on television. Clearly the interior decorator who designed this precinct was going for another look. That’s got to be it.

7 thoughts on “The Glamorous Digs of an NYPD Precinct Detective

  1. You forgot to photograph the coffee burning about 12 hours, and that glass pot is stained from the sludge. The tank desks with the cuff ring. The holding cell. The sparkling windows with 25 years of grime.
    Proper business attire, but really, the décor, we called it, “Early Wino”.


    1. Brittus, I should’ve gotten a shot of all those things, but didn’t want to make a pest of myself with my camera. And I didn’t want to photograph any people. I’d have to get them to sign releases, and at that point I would’ve gotten a less than stellar response from those who protect and serve. LOL So, I got the shots I could.


      1. (Your supposed to have prior written authorization to take photographs inside of any precinct.)
        At least you missed the lounge. Decrepit chairs and beat up sofa that smells like armpits. The trash overflowing with pizza boxes, Styrofoam cups, Chinese take-out containers, old newspapers. Three mice that have names, one responds when you call it.


  2. Well, I didn’t have prior permission. I’m going to have to find out what exactly the rule is and if it’s law. I was careful not to photograph anything that could possibly be sensitive in any way.


  3. Good going, Nike. That pix is straight out of a “Barney Miller” episode. (Uh-oh, there I go dating myself again!) Brittius is funny too.


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