Ho, Ho, Ho! Where The Cops Are At Christmas

Xmas, Red Balls

It seems the media is all to glad to publicize a cop story that’s negative and all too often individuals make it go viral in social media. So, I thought I’d highlight the types of things many police departments do at Christmas.

Plano, NJ: I first notices the “Christmas Cops” program in Plano a few years ago. They’ve got this pretty well organized. ~ Christmas Cops is a program operated by Plano Police employees to assist Plano families in need during the Christmas Season. Collection boxes are placed at numerous local businesses, fire stations, libraries, and city facilities to collect toys, food, new coats, and miscellaneous household items. Shortly before Christmas, our Officers and Santa’s Helpers make deliveries to these families.  http://www.christmascops.com/

Batavia, IL: Twas as if it were the night before Christmas in Batavia when the cops gave a homeless man a break.  It seems more and more to me, police are performing social services functions as best they can in the gap. http://batavia.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/night-before-christmas-kindness

Colonial Regional Police Department, Hanover Township, PA: This police department has a number of citizen oriented programs going. The “Shop With Cops” program is merriest of all. It’s the one where police officers take needy children shopping for toys and gifts. Click on the link and scroll to the bottom. The photos on the website are from a couple of years ago, but this is an annual event. They already took the kids shopping this year. http://www.colonialregionalpd.org/id4.html

New York, NY: Of course we all recall Police Officer Larry DiPrimo purchasing a pair of expensive boots and a pair of socks to go with them for a homeless man on one of the coldest nights of the year last winter. I’m happy to report, he has been promoted to detective. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nypd-boot-buying-larry-deprimo-promoted-article-1.1530216

6 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho! Where The Cops Are At Christmas

    1. P.T., I love what the cops do at Christmas. They do all kinds of toy drives. I’m always tickled by the traffic cops who dress like Santa. Some of them even do hip-hop dancing while they direct traffic. Soooo cool.


  1. Great post, Nike. The cops in our city do some great things as well. They each chip in, so much a month, and then they buy toys, wrap them, and have a Christmas party for those who need help. And the police officers do this out of their own pockets.


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