Vince Flynn, Best Selling Thriller Author Loses His Battle To Prostate Cancer at 47


I’m a Vince Flynn fan. I love the way he engages my mind with his portrayal of the intricacies of CIA procedure. If an author’s knowledge of how agencies actually pull things off on the ground seems shoddy, my mind jerks right out of the story. I never have to worry about that with a Vince Flynn tale.

In fact former president George W. Bush is a Vince Flynn fan and the president once jokingly complained about his worries as to how Flynn got his inside CIA information, saying, “He’s a little too accurate.” Then there was that time when Flynn hitched a ride from Andrews Air Force Base in the president’s limo and Dubbya grilled him on what his sources were…all in good fun, of course.

Vince Flynn died this past June, but due to the crush of my last historical novel going into edits and facing my own deadlines, I just now heard of it from a fellow crime fiction writer who had been so engrossed in his life he’d also just heard. Isn’t that how life is today? We rush from one thing to another striving to accomplish something. And that cliche is all too true, there’s no time to smell the roses. At least not too many of them. However it goes without saying, the news of Flynn’s premature death rocked me. It’s a testimony to the author that he kept writing during his battle with cancer. It is not known how much he finished on his current work-in-progress.

Flynn can be held up as a positive role model to anyone seeking to overcome a challenge, but especially to writers. Twenty years ago he was making his living in sales and commercial real estate. He began a self-styled program of reading voraciously in an effort to overcome his childhood dyslexia. A side benefit was he fell in love with spy-novels and wrote one. After receiving sixteen rejections he self-published his first novel. When it sold extremely well, he soon found an agent and a publisher for his work. His novels are pro-military, CIA, and law enforcement themed.

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Flynn is survived by his wife Lysa, two daughters, and his stepson.

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