They Claimed Their Independence

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I like the notion of the thirteen colonies claiming independence. Taking their independence as a free people.

On July 4, 1776 , the people of the American thirteen colonies exercised their God given authority to be a free people. They declared it and they took it as theirs. Then they began to walk that out…and as a nation we’ve been walking that out ever since. Yes, the road has been bumpy. It’s had pitfalls and tears, but we created a society that had never existed before in all of human history as a free people. We created a society where the individual can strive and aspire to fulfill her or his God given passions, his or her unique talents and abilities. And this is a good thing!

And so with pride for my country in my heart, I wish all American people and especially my loved ones a blessed Independence Day. Let us remember the true meaning of this day: liberty, freedom (especially of speech and religion), and the personal responsibility free people bear.

May you have a happy, healthy day with loved ones. And when the celebrating is done today, may you remember there is great work to be done to preserve the traditional values of this great nation: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Perhaps I should clarify. The pursuit of happiness as defined by our founding fathers and mothers didn’t mean the pursuit of some momentary pleasure, but rather it meant that each American had the right to make her or his own legacy. And this is what I wish for all Americans today. Get up, live large, make a name for yourself, help others.

Below is a link where you can read the Declaration of Independence:

14 thoughts on “They Claimed Their Independence

  1. Katie Capman

    Perfect thing to start this Independence Day with. Thank you! I loved this comment especially, “there is great work to be done to preserve the traditional values of this great nation: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Now to just figure out how I or we can work towards preserving something so worth preservation.


    1. I’ve been struggling for months to figure out what to do to help our great nation. Marla Hughes knows how much I wrangle with this. I’ve privately written to her asking her what she thinks an individual can do. I’ve lost sleep over it. I’m in sorrow that so many want a hand out…rather than having the desire to make something of themselves and leave a legacy. We’ll figure it out. In my prayers I’m regaining hope. The Lord’s dealing with me about this. I believe He’s going to make a move. He hears our groanings.


    1. Marla, You know how much I ponder what can be done to save our nation. I’ve sent you private communications on this. But I do have renewed hope lately. I think we’re gonna make it. I think the American people are going to wake up…or enough of them will.


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  3. Hi Nike! I loved your article! I’d read it on the fourth but didn’t get the chance to remark on it. Thanks for writing what is on our hearts, deep in our souls and forever on our minds. God bless you and your good work!



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