Honoring our Fallen Heroes

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As everyone knows, the United States military is so bad arsed that when they wake up in the morning and their feet hit the floor Satan and his minions tremble, saying, “Oh, sh*t, they’re awake.”

After all, it’s a well known saying and popularly held belief that God Himself anointed the American military to take care of things He needed a few strong hands on the ground for. Our politicians have not always lived up to that edict from above, but our soldiers and sailors have.

Lest We Forget

We’ve all seen the photos that rip your heart out of the wives of fallen soldiers hugging tombstones, clinging to  the casket before burial. We’ve seen the confused and frightened look of toddlers, the resolute gaze of tweens and teens determined to support their bereft mothers. And it’s broken our hearts.

We’ve seen veterans with missing limbs honoring their fallen comrades in arms and it’s brought tears to our eyes.


Yes, by all means, we do gather with family and friends for picnics, barbeques, and family feasts. Grandmothers wip up their menus that are tried and true family favorites. Dads show their prowess at the grill. This is all as it should be. We celebrate living.

We are a nation that can do both with gusto. Remember and honor our dead and at the same time revel in life.

Father God, look down on our nation. Send your Holy Spirit to our land to guide us in your will and your way. Amen, in Jesus name.

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  1. I’m so upset that Christianity has virtually been banned in the military. Christian soldiers are not allowed to express their faith while in uniform. It goes so far that chaplains are prohibited from praying in Jesus name.


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