“The Killing” Has Been Uncancelled and I’m Ecstatic

The Killing, Sarah LindenWhen “The Killing,” the only show I watched with anything approaching devotion, was cancelled I wanted to cry. Don’t they know what good TV is? Don’t they care about decent crime fiction? Apparently not!

But then AMC uncancelled it and I can’t contain my glee.

The Killing

The audience became hugely upset when at the end of the first season Rosie Larson’s killer was not revealed. When the producers assured the killer would be revealed by the end of the second season, many testy viewers didn’t return. With poor ratings, the show was cancelled.

However there was enough interest on many fronts and the show is coming back. In its third season, the show will depart from the coattails of its Danish predecessor Forbrydelsen. The third season will be entirely an American crime fiction tale. The producers have announced characters who have built up a loyal viewer following will continue on their journey. It will still be rainy and deadly. For the new season, a serial killer preying on homeless street kids is on the lose in show’s Seattle.

The new season will air Sunday, June 2nd on AMC at 8/7 central. Crime fiction enthusiasts, be there or be square.

2 thoughts on ““The Killing” Has Been Uncancelled and I’m Ecstatic

  1. I’m glad it’s back, but may wait until it’s on Netflix again. That’s the only way I made it through season 1 and 2…I absolutely LOVED it, but each episode was so drawn out that waiting a week between them would have been torture. I, too, would not have returned if I hadn’t had Netflix to rely on! Looking forward to seeing what this season will hold 🙂


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