Honoring the Life of Dee Stewart, writing as Miranda Parker

Dee Stewart

I had the pleasure of sitting on the 2010 INSPY Awards Judging team with Dee in the mystery/romantic suspense/thriller category. It was a lot of fun getting to know her as we read that year’s finaling novels and discussed them before picking a winner.

I was shocked to learn of her passing on October 5th of this year.

Dee had a heart condition and was scheduled to get a pacemaker on October 8th. Unfortunately she collapsed and died before the procedure. She was 39.

Dee wrote jaunty and some might say bodacious multi-cultural romantic suspense as Miranda Parker. Since I come from a public relations background, I enjoyed Dee’s PR savvy, especially in terms of social networking. She instinctively knew that her real and abiding interest in people would come through as she networked to sell her novels. And that’s what made her such a successful internet marketer. She will be missed.

16 thoughts on “Honoring the Life of Dee Stewart, writing as Miranda Parker

  1. Thanks for honoring Dee. It’s so sad when someone leaves us, but the sadness is greater when it’s someone so young and talented. My prayers go out to her family this Christmas season. I’m sure they are missing her.


    1. This is a terrible time to be missing somebody. And there seems to be so much loss this year that doesn’t make much sense. I pray for Dee’s family and children.


  2. Deborah K. Anderson

    She most certainly will be missed, Nike. She was a gem. Nice post to honor her memory.


  3. Margo, Elaine, Deborah, I just learned that she passed and was floored. She was so exuberant about living. I’ve always felt her contribution to Christian romantic suspense was unique, so I wanted to honor her.


  4. Dee was a good friend of mine. We talked on the phone and everything. I miss her and feel so bad that she didn’t get the pacemaker before she died. She has young children and really wanted to live. She will be missed.


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  6. I only knew Dee online, but she always seemed very positive and encouraging to everyone. Such a loss. My heart goes out to her family – especially the daughter she referred to so often. Thanks for the tribute.


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