I’m thrilled to be showcasing THE RADICAL RIDE, a novel that takes the reader from suspense, to terror, to the demonic. Now let’s find out a bit about this novel…



Seven strangers become the center of a series of assumed terrorist attacks on Los Angeles, California, that change their lives forever. News anchor Andi Stokes is on her way up in the world of television broadcasting when something she’s reporting gives her more publicity than she could hope for – because she’s the target victim. When she meets Randy White, a California surfer, she knows she’s met the one, but these violent events taunt their relationship. On the other side of town, Andi’s old high school teacher, Jeff, is the target of demonically possessed men out to kill him. Through a series of horrific, violent events, they find themselves deeply embroiled within a demonic terrorist’s plot. ~ With the poser of faith, can they stop this evil in time?



A few moments later, five men entered the room. Andi gasped underneath that tape covering her mouth at two of them with the bright red eyes. These were the figures on the recording. She did so again when the last man entered, with not only a brighter set of glowing red eyes but also with a reddish luminescence surrounding his head…. He seemed to be embracing the moment, as if in a drug-induced euphoria. He also appeared to be accompanied by the outlines of two, dark shadows behind him, filling the room with a heavy, demonic presence.


So, Lanny, tell us what’s so “radical” about THE RADICAL RIDE? 

I think the reader will experience a literal and figurative “ride” of sorts from this story.  In the world of surfing, becoming one with the wave is an example of achieving THE RADICAL RIDE. A skydiver will certainly take a thrill-trip every time he or she jumps from either a plane or a mountain top. A near death experience is the best example of THE RADICAL RIDE

I’m speculating that when someone crosses the line of religion to religious fanaticism, then this person is on his or her way to taking a spiritual ride of their own.  When a person loses a loved one and is on the verge of losing hope, I believe that an encounter with Jesus Christ will certainly prepare that person to get up and get back on the road to healing, hope and purpose – which can be considered a radical ride in itself, created by the most radical person who ever walked the earth!



Lanny Smith is a Christian high school teacher, a former “Class B+” surfer and veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  He currently lives in Florida with his wife and two of his three children.



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