A Crime Fiction Twist on Easter/Resurrection Sunday

As we approach Easter, I wanted to bring to everyone’s mind the words of Jesus in Matthew 22:39 [NASB] ~ “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

St. John further expounded upon this theme when he wrote: “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love. ~ 1John 4:8 [NASB]

If there is any over-arching theme I hope to convey in my writing it is that love never fails, never dies, and always triumphs. Some might wonder how I can reconcile this with penning stories that open with a dead body.

While the crime fiction genre (murder mysteries, thrillers, romantic thrillers, police procedurals, suspense novels) can be seen as dark, it also has a “light” side. The good guys often at peril to their own lives fight against evil and for justice. It’s my contention that the “who dun it” originated in the Christian west. The history of the murder mystery is that of solving a moral dilemma (a deadly crime). The main characters may have to sacrifice and endure great punishment to bring the guilty party to justice. Yet they persevere and do what is right.

I’d like to wish everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ a blessed Easter. I’d like to wish my Jewish brothers and sisters a happy, healthy Passover.