Happy New Year 2012!!! ~ Best Crime Fiction Novels List, Read in 2011

Many toiling away in inspirational literature have great plans for 2012.

I send them my best wishes for a new year that is profitibale in all ways imaginable.

Since I haven’t put out my “Best Faith-Based Crime Fiction Read in 2011” list yet…here it is. This is my list of novels read in 2011, not necessarily released in 2011. I tend to fall hard for detective novels and police procedurals.

1. Pattern of Wounds (Roland March series, book 2) by J. Mark Bertrand

2. The Rook (Patrick Bowers series, book 2) by Steven James

3.  Simple Deceit: (The Harmony Series, Book 2) by Nancy Mehl

4. Revenge (A Travis Mays Novel) by Mark Young

5. The Clouds Roll Away (A Raleigh Harmon Novel) by Sibella  Giorello

6. The Pawn (Patrick Bowers series, book 1) by Steven James

7. Medical Error (Prescription For Trouble, book 2) by Richard Mabry, MD

8. The Kevlar Heart by Janice Cantore

9. Muslin Mystery (Patchwork Mysteries, Vol 3) by Vera Dodge

10. Deceit by Brandilyn Collins

11. Pursued by Lillian Duncan

12. Last Resort by BJ Robinson

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012!!! ~ Best Crime Fiction Novels List, Read in 2011

  1. Honored to make your list, Nike. I love Deceit by B. Collins. Her seatbelt suspense are some of my favorites and so is your Burning Hearts. Blessings for success in 2012! BJ Robinson


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