Nike & Sophie at NBC Studios for Today Show Segment

This past Good Friday our family drove to the Manhattan NYC Animal Care and Control and adopted Sophie.

Sophie had been featured on the Today Show for adoption.

Well, to start the New Year off right, Sophie was invited back to the Today Show this morning…along with about a dozen other adoptive owners and their dogs. Here you can see her with her Christmas bells on her feet.

Here we are in the “doggie green room,” really a waiting area.

Sophie and Nike would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

11 thoughts on “Nike & Sophie at NBC Studios for Today Show Segment

  1. That’s because she IS a celebrity. Is she asking for an agent? And special bacon treats for her dressing room? Next we’ll be seeing her on the cover of National Enquirer with some cad of a beagle who loves her, then leaves her…*SIGH*…Nike, your future with your famous pooch will never be the same…


  2. NikeChillemi

    Well she did say she’d have her people speak to my people. And she was a bit dismissive. LOL


  3. NikeChillemi

    Janalyn, And DH and I went out last night w/o DD for a wonderful dinner and he got me a late Christmas gift I had to give the OK for…sorta pick it out.

    Then it was early to bed last night as NBC sent a car for us at 6 am.


  4. Deborah K. Anderson

    This is too cool, Nike. 🙂 Love the bells on her paws.

    God bless you for having a compassionate heart.


    1. Janalyn, Absolutely no. There was Matt Lauer and the lady anchor who’s birthday it was, 17 dog owners, an animals rights activist, and one of the heads of NYC Animal Care and Control.

      The animal rights activist did most of the talking and the guy from Animal Care and Control a little bit.


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