List of Small Publishing Houses for Christian Fiction

Below is my list (not a complete listing by any means) of small and/or independent publishing houses that have a Christian fiction imprint, or that are Christian fiction friendly/family friendly.


Flaming Pen Press:  YA, Christian fantasy

Marcher Lord Press: Speculative Fiction 

New Canaan Publishing, Christian children’s books & humor,

Oak Tara: Christian, Fiction, Non-fiction

Sheaf House Publishers:  Christian small press

Sonfire Media:  

Sophia Institute Press: Catholic fiction

Splashdown: Christian sci-fi, fantasy

Stonehouse Ink: edgy Christian fic

Sword of the Spirit: Christian fiction, womens fic, romance, YA.

Treble Heart Books: Contemporary, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Historical.

Trestle Press:  Catholic, crime fiction, mystery. Open to Christian content     Contact: Giovanni Gelati on Goodreads

Vinspire Publishing: Christian, mystery, war, historical, etc.

Whitefire Publishing:  Chrisitan, romance
Written World Communications: Imprints are Harpstring and Patchwork

Upon This Rock Publishers, Christian ebook, some gen market

Mixed: (Family Friendly, Christian Friendly)

Black Lyon Publishing: literary romance, historical romance contemporary romance, Christian

Muse It Up Publishing: Canadian ebook publisher. All genres. Will accept submission of gen market stories with one or more Christian characters that are not Inspy stories per se.

Samhain:  romance, mystery-suspense, action-adventure

Port Yonder Press: Christian titles and general market.

Treasureline:  Gen market and Christian thrillers

Wild Horse Press: ebooks, general market with an inspy line

17 thoughts on “List of Small Publishing Houses for Christian Fiction

  1. As a rep for WhiteFire, may I add that we're open to all sorts of genres (not including YA), although we do like if they include some romance. And all of our titles so far would best fit the "edgy" Christian fiction description. We've been looking at romantic suspense, women's fiction, mystery, fantasy, and supernatural thriller.


  2. And our most pressing needs right now at Port Yonder are general market speculative fiction, contemporary poetry and creative nonfiction – those with a literary twist are the most sought after. But check our site for complete details. Nothing really "Christian" right now at all, unless it's quite unusual in some regard – something very innovative and different.


  3. Chila, I have a creative nonfiction book with poetry that you would probably love. LOL. If WhiteFire doesn't pick it up I'll be contacting you for sure πŸ™‚


  4. I'm proud to be one of the WhiteFire authors. A bit on the edgy side, but what I prefer to call realistic. Dina Sleiman's, Roseanna Whites, and my own work touches on the temptations that inflitrate a character's life, threatening to destroy, but always the redemptive love of Christ comes blazing through.


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