BURNING HEARTS Gets 11 Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Fastpaced, action packed debut novel from Nike chillemi delivers!

Erica brogna is a head strong but lovable character that investigates the death of her beloved friend. Things progress from bad to worse when she finds her friend’s house on fire. Braving the flames, she goes in search of her friend only to be stopped moments later by the burning conflagration. What to do? This heroine doesn’t run outside to wring her hands, but to find herself a hero. And what a hero he turns out to be!

Lorne Kincaid was just riding through town on his Harley when Erica practically throws herself in front of his bike to capture his attention. Coming to her rescue, he indeed shows himself to be the hero every woman wants – strong yet gentle. Lucky for Erica, he doesn’t just swoop into the house to save her friend, but also swoops into her heart as well.   ~   Amanda Stephan, Christian Romance Author

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