PURSUED by Lillian Duncan ~ A Review

I love Lillian’s writing style and was thrilled to review her debut novel…
This is a lady any cowboy worth is saddle would like to take over his knee and spank. Reggie Meyers, former foster child, now a big city attorney on her way up the corporate ladder is a handful, to say the least. She’s a self-made success and hasn’t got much time for lesser mortals. Needless to say, when she plows her bright red sports car into Dylan Monroe’s aging pickup, she blames him.

Reggie is a short-tempered powerhouse with a definite vulnerable side. You want to be angry with her, but just can’t. Dylan on the other hand is easy going, solid, and a man who believes in prayer. The wonder of their relationship is he has no trouble handling her. Now protecting her from whoever is trying to kill her, that’s another matter entirely.
After an accident, even one she’s caused, what does such a gentleman do? He offers to drive the lady home. When Dylan and Reggie get to her condo, they find the place has been trashed. Reggie collapses and Dylan discovers she’s a diabetic, which accounts for some of her moodiness, as she hadn’t eaten all day. At first, Reggie assumes her ex did the trashing. Soon it becomes evident she’s got a lot bigger troubles than an inappropriate former boyfriend.
There is no shortage of twists and turns. It isn’t long before someone is shooting at Reggie. With Reggie stashed safely at a friend’s apartment, Dylan cleans up the mess in her apartment and finds a listening device. Since someone has been monitoring Reggie, they now know where she is hiding. Dylan rushes to the condo and saves her from a sneak attack.
After several more attempts on Reggie’s life Dylan takes her to the home of his mysterious, reclusive friend, security expert and ex-Marine Billy Clyde Addams and his charming wife Theresa. Billy Clyde discovers a large corporation is monitoring Reggie and Dylan’s movements. It turns out this company is owned by Reggie’s mysterious biological father.
The police determine a former law office client who thinks she mishandled his case made the attempts on Reggie’s life. He’s taken into custody and she is free to go home. Here the author puts a snag in the true love scenario. Reggie decides Dylan won’t fit into her upwardly mobile lifestyle, after all, he’s just a small town farmer. She wants to be happy but equates happiness with money and power. She doesn’t have the kind of faith Dylan has, though she’s starting to yearn for it. He asks her to marry him and she’s ecstatic. However, this is followed by a bunch of star-crossed misunderstandings.
All is not well on the safety issue front. Billy Clyde learns someone is still monitoring Reggie’s credit card activity. The action picks up again with ferocity. The climax is intense. This is a wonderful read, with fantastic characters for anyone who loves high caliber romantic suspense.
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