Debut Novel ~ Burning Hearts ~ About To Bursts Forth

Burning Hearts will be here soon, available and among us.

When I got my contract with Desert Breeze Publishing, needless to say, I was ecstatic, but I didn’t panic. I knew instinctively (also due to my background in publicity) that after the contract, the work is just beginning. But, I didn’t have to be Perfect Penelope. Anyone who knows me in this industry knows you ain’t gonna get perfect from me. No way! So, although I wasn’t relaxed, I also wasn’t apoplectic.

Now, I await my cover. And I HATE waiting. I’m not good at waiting. I need some real spiritual growth here. All prayers for my peace of mind are appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Debut Novel ~ Burning Hearts ~ About To Bursts Forth

  1. Diane, I love all of the Desert Breeze covers. The concepts are awesome. So, I'm sure I'll love mine as well.Yep, waiting is hard. It's for the spiritually mature. (smile)


  2. Theresa, LOL What a great way to look at it. I'm going to have to get a tee shirt that reads, "I survived my edit." LOLI'm going to borrow that idea and post it on FB. I luv it!!!


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