Anne Patrick Talks About Her Award Winner ~ Fire and Ash

It’s terrific having award winning author Anne Patrick here today talking about her novel FIRE AND ASH and the process of writing fiction. It’s always fun to toss these concepts around with an inciteful author who’s immersed herself in the craft of writing.
N: FIRE AND ASH has won quite a number of awards (a 4 star review from Romantic Times; ‘Best Book’ review from LASR; ‘Top Pick’ and a 5 star review from Night Owl Reviews; Winner of LRC’s ‘Best Suspense/Thriller 2010’; LASR ‘Best Book of 2010’ Nominee; The Romance Reviews ‘Best Book of 2010’ Nominee). How does it feel as an author to get that kind of validation?

A: Of course it feels wonderful, a dream come true. Every writer hopes people will enjoy their stories so when they do and they tell you about it, it makes all the hard work and effort you put into it so much more sweeter.

N: The novel has also been seen by some who have read it as being able to cross over to a secular readership, to those who may not typically read Christian fiction. Do you feel FIRE AND ASH would be enjoyable to many readers in the general market? Do you feel that perhaps some of these lines that are drawn in publishing are arbitrary?

A: I certainly hope so. You can tell a good story and still glorify God. Aside from my heroine grappling with her faith, the only difference between FIRE AND ASH and a secular book is bad language and sex. For me, adding the faith element creates depth to my characters as well as the story. Like real people, they struggle with life decisions, but they find strength and hope in God. FIRE AND ASH has several layers to it including, inspiration, romance and suspense. I want to thrill people and inspire them, but I don’t want to preach to them. My books have Christian messages weaved into them, revealed through the lives of my characters.

And yes, some of the lines are arbitrary. One of the things I like best about being published by small, independent publishers is that they don’t try and box you in by some neat little formula.

N: How did you go about developing the characters of Sadie McGregor, your heroine, and Sheriff Quinn Harrington, your hero?

A: When creating my characters I always use charts that include their backgrounds, ambitions, traits, what motivates them, etc. While developing Sadie’s character I asked myself what would drive her to be a fire investigator. It had to be more than just her uncle’s influence so I made her a fire survivor. Since one of my characters is usually struggling spiritually, she had to be responsible for the fire that killed her family. I then threw in some other obstacles that over the course of her life, has caused her to doubt God’s love for her and her inability to forgive herself for the fire. In order for Quinn to reach Sadie and prove to her that God does indeed love her, he had to experience loss too. Only the loss of his wife has made his faith stronger.

N: It seems that in addition to writing award winning novels it would seem you’re an avid reader and also like to write book reviews. Is your favorite genre suspense?

A: I am an avid reader but I’m a horrible book reviewer. I know how hard it is to sit down and pour your soul into a story and I just can’t bring myself to rate someone else’s work. And yes, suspense is my favorite genre! I do like an occasional thriller too.

N: Ultimately, what would you like your readers to take away from FIRE AND ASH?

A: I think, or at least hope, my two strongest messages are how God sometimes allows bad things to happen in our life so we can use our experiences to help others, and how. He places people in our lives to help us on our journey.

Thank you for the interview, Nike. You asked some tough questions but I enjoyed it.

FIRE AND ASH can be purchased at Desert Breeze Publishing.

And on Amazon.

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  1. Hi Nike and Anne,What a great interview! Nike, you ask really good questions & your blog is fab. Anne, your book is phenomenal, my friend, as you are, too! I send wishes for continued success and many sales.hugs,regina


  2. Hi Nike and Anne,What an interesting interview. Nike, I enjoyed stopping by your blog and send congratulations to Anne on all of her success. I love the way she weaves her faith into her novels.


  3. Diane and Gail, Thx for stopping by. I like interviewing authors. I enjoy asking meaty questions (I hope) about the book and why they wrote it. Those're fun to ask and I hope fun to read.


  4. Ditto to what everyone else has said: great blog here! First time that I've visited, but am immediately attracted to it. :)And Anne is a terrific writer with Fire & Ash being one of her best. This story well deserves its awards! 🙂


  5. Miss Mae, Thx for coming by and thx for the nice words about my blog which is of course devoted to crime fiction.I was thrilled to have Anne here. It was a delight to interview her.


  6. Thank you, dear friends! I so appreciate you dropping by and all your wonderful comments. The Lord has truly blessed me with this book and with such great friends.Everyone is right, Nike does have an awesome blog! I'm thrilled she invited me to come visit.Hugs,Anne


  7. Fire and Ash is very deserving of the awards and fab reviews it's received. I absolutely loved it, but then I love all of Anne's books.Nike, great blog. Glad I found it.Anne, I wish you continued success!


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  9. Another fan here, Anne. You know I've read almost all your books and loved everyone one of them. I enjoyed reading how you developed your wonderful characters in Fire and Ash. I admire how you are able to come up with such facinating stories. Keep up the good work!


  10. I read this book soon after it came out and loved it! I've since read other books by you, Anne. Not only do you write great suspense, your inspirational books are wonderful too. I hope you have continued success and I look forward to reading your new releases this year.Nike, thank you for this great interview. It's always fun to learn what all goes into writing a book and learning more about the author.Well done, ladies!


  11. Anne,Congratulations on your awards for Fire & Ash. You are an awesome writer. Your plots pull the reader into the story. And you have a wonderful writing style.I say two thumbs-up! Great interview!


  12. Thx to everyone for stopping by and joining in the discussion. This ongoing reparte is most enlightening for me as well. There's nothing quite as invigorating as book talk.


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