COFFIN Does It Again with Class on Historical Forensics

For anyone not familiar with COFFIN…it’s the Romance Writers of America (RWA) College of Felony and Intrigue. The online course in real time on Historical Forensics will be taught during March and costs $20-. I can’t think of a better way to spend an Andrew Jackson.

I recently was gifted a COFFIN course by the talented writer, Gina Welbourne, and took What the Kick-Ass Heroine Knows that the Author Should Know and it was terrific. I learned a lot about throwing a punch, getting away from an attacker, and  how to do an effective kick to the crotch. All things a girl has to know in this day and age.

The upcoming workshop on historic forensics protends to be extremely interesting. Where did the study of forensic science begin? And what sorts of things were early forensics technicians able to do? If you watch classic movies, you’ll know that finger prints were the big thing at one time. A partial print could put a man in prison for a long time.

The class will cover techniques used in the 1800s and early 1900s: finger printing, blood type, firearm examination, the expansion of the autopsy into the forensic arena.

Dr. Doug Lyle, M.D. will teach the workshop. He is the author of FORENSICS FOR DUMMIES, which won the Macavity Award and was nominated for an Edgar in 2005.

Dough also writes thrillers: DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, DOUBLE BLIND, and STRESS FRACTURE, as well as crime scene nonfiction. He’s worked on such television series as: Law and Order, CSI: Miami, Monk, and House

Here’s the link to register for this class.

5 thoughts on “COFFIN Does It Again with Class on Historical Forensics

  1. Wow, only $20 – that's cheap for a course like this. Too bad I'm not writing historical anymore. I watched "Miss Congeniality" and now know all a girl needs to know about self-defense. LOL! Actually, I grew up the only girl in the neighborhood & immediate family. So the boys taught me well how to fight – too well, as I later used their teachings against them when one of the boys got "romantic" notions (LOL – we were 13 and he tried to kiss me…silly boy!). Thanks for keeping us up to date on these crime writers' seminars.


  2. Hmm, my uncles taught me to hate being tickled. And also, don't let Glen play with your remote control toys at Christmas (mind you, he's my father's brother and so the better part of 20 years older than me!)Ah, family memories. Mine was/is a somewhat dysfunctional family & I think that just makes for more fodder for novels!


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