Killer Recipies ~ a collection of recipes from mystery writers

I thought I’d start the new year off on a fun note and guess what? I’m a foodie — love to cook, love to eat, love to feed people. Exercising it off — not so much. LOL

So, when I came across this collection of recipes from the kitchens of mystery authors, I thought, what a blast!!!

This book was the brain child of mystery writer Susan Whitfield who contributed recipes from her kitchen and contacted other who dun it writers to do the same. Proceeds of the book go to The American Cancer Society.

Many of the recipes have killer names such as:  Elaine Alphin’s Guilty Greek Shrimp, Raven Bower’s Vampire-Free Pasta,  Janet Durbin’s Suspect Peanut Butter Cookies (yum, I love peanut butter cookies), and Stacy Juba’s Terrormisu. The recipe name that totally cracked me up was Mary Deal’s Stuffed-in-the-Trunk Mushrooms. Don’t be afraid to try these recipes. The authors just write about death by poison, they don’t practice it in their own kitchens and recipes.

Both male and female mystery writers contributed recipes, so when you buy the book, you’ll be able to find out what the men are cooking up. Here’s some of what the guys dish out: Keith Donnelly’s Walloped Black Jack Pie, Tim Marquitz’s Demon-Fire Burritos (ouch),  James Mascia’s Assassin’s Apple Cabbage Soup,
Mike Nettleton’s Sinister Scones, and Mark Rosendorf’s On The Lamb Chops.

I first heard about this collection from my sister author at Desert Breeze Publishing, Melinda Elmore, who made an announcement on the DB author board. That got me really excited, because as stated above, I’m a foodie. Melinda contributed recipes for Deviled Eggs and something delish she calls Radical Meatloaf.


You can purchase this book on Amazon:

8 thoughts on “Killer Recipies ~ a collection of recipes from mystery writers

  1. Nike, thanks for promoting Killer Recipes. We authors who contributed are all over the country and Mary is in Hawaii (lucky rascal). We had a ball putting the book together and in the process becoming closer as a group of writers. We visit often by email and Facebook and help each other when we can. I love the post. Yes, we had fun, the recipes are harmless but delicious, and once people know where the money is going, buy extras for gifts. I am cutting a check to my local Relay For Life and will post the picture once it's in the newspaper. Many of the contributing authors bought books to sell at their own events, donating the money as well, and publishing company L&L Dreamspell sent me a nice royalty check because they only want to recoup their printing and nothing else. Isn't that super?


  2. Susan, This is such a wonderful project…an endeavor of love on the part of the authors who participated, as well as the publisher. What could be better?


  3. Tracy, This book sounds like a lot of fun. I luv the cooking part, not just the eating.Do you watch the Food Channel? It's great. Hubby loves the show Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives with host Guy Fieri.I have a few favs on the Food Channel. Bobby Flay, luv his personality, but I think his food's too spicy/hot for me. Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade reminds me of my childhood BFF, just make the hair light brown. For cooking tips, I luv Anne Burrell who gives away restaurant chefs' secrets.


  4. Nike,Thank you for promoting Killer Recipes It was such an honor to be apart of it.I write Native American mystery and romance and currently I am working on a non ficiton book. My book Native Spirit will come be released in Feb by Desert Breeze Publishing Please check out my website and new bookwww.melindaelmore.webs.comWalk in harmony,Melinda


  5. Melinda, Killer Recipes was a lot of fun to promote. I'm so excited about your book Native Sun coming out in Feb.You'll have to stop back and tell us what your non-fiction book is about.


  6. Oh Marcy, don't I need to be working out as well. The answer is yes. But I'd rather be writing a scene (not so good for the hip line) or standing at my stove. LOL


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