"Plows Down" ~ Great Title For A Murder Mystery

The plows are down in Brooklyn!!!

The scene outside our house on Avenue S in Brooklyn. Two plows stuck with a row of buses behind them.

Another view of buses unable to continue on Avenue S, Brooklyn. This is a major artery which had been plowed at least once earlier in the storm. These buses weigh tons and are trying to maneuver through six inches to a foot of snow over a layer of ice.

4 thoughts on “"Plows Down" ~ Great Title For A Murder Mystery

  1. Wow! This scene brings back similar memories from my childhood growing up in Denver.LOL! I hope you had some hot cocoa waiting for you when you got back in!Great post!


  2. AR, We've got kids out there shoveling our walk and drive right now.Joseph was shoveling earlier, just so we could walk, but it's much better if we just pay kids to do the real lifting.Happy New Year!!!


  3. Bonnie, indeed. LOLThings are getting a bit back to normal today. The last stuck plow was towed early this morning…in the wee hours.What happened was yet another tow truck had gotten stuck, as the street is a total sheet of ice. They had to tow the tow truck first and get another tow truck in here. But that's done and I'm hearing plows going through. What a scene it's been. Plow after plow stuck. Buses stuck. Huge industrial tow trucks stuck as well.Things are moving now, albeit slowly.Now I've got to make notes for my potential murder mystery in a snow storm such as this. Planning murders is getting to be something of a hobby for me. LOL


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